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European Parliament approves resolution on emissions, FI abstains from vote

European Parliament approves resolution on emissions, FI abstains from vote

With 439 in favour, 157 against and 32 abstentions, the European Parliament agreed to review the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions trading system (Its). With this decision, Parliament decided to increase the emissions reduction from 61 percent to 63 percent greenhouse gases in the ETS sectors by 2030. An ambitious target to be achieved through further one-time reductions in the amount of allowances circulating in the EU, along with a gradual increase in the annual reduction in allowances. It should go from 4.4% by 2025 to 4.5% by 2026 and reach 4.6% by 2029.

In the session, the European Parliament approved the legislative law contained in the package.Fit for 55‘, where it was decided that the mechanism would cover free allowances in economic sectors Cbam (Carbon Limits Adjustment Mechanism), should be phased out starting in 2027, then disappear by 2032. CBAM is a system of climate duties that will be levied on some goods from countries that do not have systems similar to ETS. The decision precedes what the European Commission expected by three years. Free allowances are expected to be reduced to 93 percent in 2027, 84 percent in 2028, 69 percent in 2029, 50 percent in 2030, 25 percent in 2031 and zero percent in 2032.

The free fee will remain only for EU products Export. MEPs want to expand the scope. In addition to cement, iron/steel, aluminium, fertilizers and electricity (as proposed by the European Commission), CBAM should also cover polymers (plastics), organic chemicals and hydrogen, taking into account the impact assessment by the Commission. The proceeds from the system should go to the EU budget, to pay off the debts of the next generation of the EU. But the European Parliament’s request is that a share of the EU budget from the financing be equal to the revenue from the system, to finance climate policies in developing countries.

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Who voted today is refrain Forza Italia component of the European Parliament. The decision follows a proposal to cut emissions by reducing the sale of fossil-fueled vehicles from 2035 contained in the “fit 55” package. A proposal that finds a lot of doubt in different countries, including Italy, where the automobile sector is an important sector of the economic fabric. Our country’s concerns have already been shared by the center-right e Antonio TajaniForza Italia Coordinator and Vice President of EPP welcomed with satisfaction the position taken by Germany: “Germany’s decision to take a stand against a blanket ban on non-electric cars from 2035 is a good step forward for defending jobs and businesses in Europe’s auto sector. The battle started by Forza Italia in the European Parliament can be won“.

as explained Luisa RegimentiMember of the European Parliament Blue, Member of the Environment Committee of the European Parliament, “The Italian government must fight to the end until the ‘fit for 55’ target is achieved and the gradual transformation of energy sources is without harm to families and businesses.Then he prompted the MEP to abstain:So, to invite our CEO to look for every useful method to this effect in the beta, Forza Italia abstained on the overhaul of the Emissions Trading System (Ets) and Border Carbon Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)“. The foundations for replacing ideological ecology with sustainable ecology exist, but we need to continue working in this direction.”As coordinator Tajani explains, the goal is close, we just need to go the last mile to ensure we win the battle started by Forza Italia.Regimenti explained.

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