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An 'all you can eat' customer kicked out after eating 6kg of food

An ‘all you can eat’ customer kicked out after eating 6kg of food

In China, a live broadcast claims to be blacklisted at an all-you-can-eat restaurant. BBC talks about it.

A Chinese live broadcast claims to have been blacklisted by a ristorante all you can eat To eat a lot. The man known as Mr. Kang, told Hunan TV that he was banned fromIndian Seafood Grill Buffet in a city Changsha After a series of immersion. The man ate 1.5 kg of pig’s feet on his first visit and 3.5 kg to 4 kg of shrimp on a second visit. He stated that the restaurantdiscriminatoryTo people who eat a lot: “I can eat a lot. Is it a fault? ‘, noting that he did not waste food.

but owner Restaurant The Hunan TV reporter told himself that Mr. Kang would hide the food in his pockets. “Every time I come here, I lose a few hundred yuan,” he said. “Even when he drinks soy milk, he consumes 20 or 30 bottles. When he eats feet pig, consumes the entire staircase. And to get ShrimpUsually people use tongs to pick it up, while Mr. King takes the whole tray with him.” So the restaurateur decided All live broadcasts are prohibited.

The story became popular on Chinese social media and garnered more than 250 million views on Weibo, with a wide range of comments. Some said the restaurant should not be called back anymore.”All you can eat“If he can’t stand it, while others said they were sorry to the restaurateur.

last year Chinese government I began to restrict the accounts of the so-callednfluencer of food These videos may be banned completely in the country. Just these days, President Xi Jinping has called on people to “fight food waste” as well and above all as a result of growing concerns about food shortages.