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European Cup, Reggio Emilia surrenders to Bahcesehir: Turkish victory

European Cup, Reggio Emilia surrenders to Bahcesehir: Turkish victory

Istanbul, Turkey) – No European appearance forUnaHotels Reggio Emiliawhich on the day of the anniversary of the victory at the Eurochallenge, which was achieved precisely on April 27 eight years ago, had hoped to put European Basketball Cupwhich will stay in Istanbul instead, Bahcesehir deservedly raised him to heavenHe proved to be much stronger in the last two matches. After losing by only three points at Unipol Arena, Cinciarini and her comrades drown in the Holker Sports and Event Hall, overshadowed by the 90-74. What disappointed him the most was captain Attilio Caja, who at the time was away on April 27, 2014 on the field in Bala Doza to cheer with his teammates at the time.

Reggio Emilia is struggling, but it’s not enough

Bahçeşehir, who was unbeaten in the cup within friendly walls, immediately set the record straight in the first quarter, finishing with a 30-16 lead above all as a result of the very warm hands of Smith, Thompson and Jones. But as in the first leg, Reggio Emilia did not stand idly by and in the second quarter immediately tries to balance the result dragged by Mumtaz Balde Rossi and the usual pair formed by Cincinarini and Johnson bombing the Turks from all positions, a partially 15-0 position which is worth overtaking in the middle fracture. However, the hosts do not slip and come back to grind the game and points, reaching the long interval, however, while maintaining the 6-point advantage. Back on the field, the third quarter opens again with Bahçeşehir trying to make a big sound to stretch the spot, but UnaHotels doesn’t want to give up, clinging to opponents thanks excellent serotonins And getting to the final and crucial part of the game is under nine points, plus 3 that will be redeemed compared to race 1. Nothing to do, however, the final quarter sees the Turks in control again, and despite my generous Cenciareni, he finally gives up, ending The final with deserved Bahçeşehir victory, who won with a score of 90-74.

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