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Espresso, cappuccino or mocha?  Tell me what you choose and I will tell you your personality

Espresso, cappuccino or mocha? Tell me what you choose and I will tell you your personality

Espresso, cappuccino, mocha la terra del gusto

It’s impossible to say no, even multiple times throughout the day, to good coffee. There are many qualities and flavors to this wonderful drink. The person you choose will most often tell you a lot about yourself.

the coffee It is an excellent drink with an excellent taste to say the least, and is able, alone or in company, to make our day “smile” again in no time. Which we prepare at home or in the office Moka or coffee makerWhether we go to consume it directly at the bar, it always remains real joy.

Over time, the shape of the place, as it is commonly called, also appeared cafeThere has been a constant evolution of thisSpecial drinkWhich also began to bear different names over time depending on the type of preparation. And that’s the case here Our coffee Lungo, espresso, hot or cold latte macchiato, Moccachinoright grappa, and so on.

Let’s just say, Without conditions, however, which literally has something for everyone. Ergo is able to make all consumers agree, even the harshest and most difficult, on their decisions. But a recent study came from a consumer survey Coffee and donut brand Donuts Dinkin’UKwould have highlighted a particular option of coffee will determine Personal.

The coffee you drink often will tell you a lot about yourself

Exactly, as someone might say on a personality test, Tell me what coffee you drink, and I’ll tell you who you are. Let’s start by saying that although there are many types of coffee preparation, this is definitely the most popular I expressed, cappuccino And Mocha. The latter in particular seems to be the most prevalent at the moment Mocha For better or worse, we all have it in our homes.

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The survey revealed that those who drink a lot Mocha coffeebut it is intended to be a combination of Coffee and chocolate, generally tends to get “a lot of traction,” and here we’re talking about about 20% of those interviewed. So it can be said that those who especially love it own it A character who leans towards the Latin lover And/or new acquaintances with new people.

Espresso, cappuccino, mocha la terra del gusto

Other tastes are able to say a lot

Those who tend to preferI expressedor classic black coffee without added milk or alcohol correctors, such as grappa or other alcoholic beverages, is the person who He likes to travel a lot And he has it Finished Very and mostlyabout the 40%, While the 39% love reading And/or in 31% Of the cases in which You have a degree.

Consumers cappuccino Instead, in this case we are talking about a slightly more complex variant of this wonderful drink, since its preparation involves a greater number of ingredients. They have great direction I like the company very much to Other people And based on Be very welcome. So we are undoubtedly talking about great people a company.