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Elections, Kalinda: “Lita Breached the Charter.” Meloni: ‘I apply to ministers if I take an additional vote’ – Politics

Kalinda attacks former ally Letta: “The Democratic Party made a deal first with us and then with those who are essentially communists.” Towards confirming the agreement with LITA in the meantime + Europe. at home M5s, on the other hand, Di Batista and Casalino did not submit their self-candidacy for participation in the parliamentary sessions on August 16: the deadline has expired today.

The center-right Salvini asks about the flat tax of 15% and Meloni repeats: ‘I’m the prime minister if I get another vote’

Carlo Calenda broke the agreement with Enrico Letta and unleashed the wrath of the Democrats. “The Democratic Party made a deal with us at first and then made a pact, with contrary content, with those who voted 55 times against trusting Draghi, with those who say no to everything, the waste-to-energy plant, with those who are basically communist, because then ‘At the end of the show that’s it.’ And I said to Letta, ‘If you sign an agreement and formalize this, people won’t understand it anymore, it’s going to look like a bunch of people like Bertinotti, Turigliatto, Pecoraro Scanio were,’ said Il Work Leader on Tg5. “Lita knew very well that I was going to disassemble, Più Europa knew her. They thought of keeping her, saying, ‘Otherwise you must collect signatures. I am collecting signatures, because here this thing cannot be seen.'”

Emma Bonino’s criticisms are “criticisms of complete bad faith – added Kalinda -. She knew everything, and not only that, she always negotiated on the side of the Democratic Party. Why does she have to explain to her voters. How does a person who calls herself the Atlantic a “being” with those who They vote against NATO and do everything against Europe and Draghi’s agenda, Emma Bonino will have to explain that. With great emotion, but Emma Bonino knew everything and made a choice, obviously a choice that will pay off in terms of places.”

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The third pole with Renzi? “Right now, I’m working on only one thing – explained in an interview with Kalinda on Tg5 – to build a solid program, following what we presented with Più Europa, which talks about gas-to-gas plants, waste-to-energy plants, no taxes, review Citizenship income. Enough with the bonus policy, this country needs to talk about how to solve problems. With us the voters will not have unattainable programs, but only clear things to do for Italy.”

Meanwhile, more of Europe is moving toward affirming the electoral pact with the Democratic Party: The decision, however, will only be formalized in this evening’s direction. “Yesterday, as the Secretariat of Più Europa, we realized the importance of the contents of the agreement signed with the Democratic Party only 6 days ago and then withdrew from Kalinda. We consider that there is a shift in the axis of the alliance in these contents one direction for the Liberal Democrats. Tonight from 6 pm we will discuss it in The trend is because we want to share the choices within the collective bodies”, says Vice President and President of Più Europa Ricardo Maggi Ansa advised her.

And the Giuseppe Conte speaks to Canale 5 and reiterates his rejection of an agreement with Diem: “I am sorry for the political disaster of the Democratic Party, we have our projects that we will carry out with teeth and nails ….”. “I put them off the embarrassment of having another ‘no’,” he explains, explaining that the five stars may have made mistakes but can’t be accused of being “not serious” people. “There are no political and programmatic preconditions for an agreement,” he explains, reiterating what In his view the emergencies of the country: low-paid work, insecurity, health, the environment. “Let’s go before the electorate with a serious and meticulous program,” he says, defending the excellent bonus and citizenship income: the first – he says – contributed to the revival of the construction sector, the second within The social protection system by removing a million people from poverty.” “The fraud related to the application of the premium bonus – he continues – was minimal and corrections were activated to avoid them”, Conte closes his reasoning by declaring that the five stars will be more radical than before in the implementation of their project was the contribution of Alessandro de Batista (“He’s a serious interlocutor”) and the relationship with founder Beppe Grillo is positive on the part of the M5s leader.

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Kalinda Rises With PD, Lita ‘We’re Going On’