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Emissions and half-facts, what Conte did not say

Emissions and half-facts, what Conte did not say

Three months have passed in practice since the fall of his government, but the 5 star movement’s restructuring plan Giuseppe Conte Struggling to spend. First The lectio magistralis At the University of Florence, weeks were lost between speeches at meetings and attempts to show the new face of the M5S. The former prime minister will have to wait even longer before being crowned the new leader of a movement in perpetual genetic modification and conflict. A formation that would lead to the first setback of the new path during the executive elections. The lawyer is well aware that accumulated delays have irritated those who were already skeptical about the trust given to an unregistered person, but in a given interview Daily fact – In it he touched on a variety of topics – He explained very well the costumes of those who wished not to speak.

Double order

This is a historic pillar for 5 stars. But time changes things, especially for those who have enjoyed life as a well-rounded politician. So this issue is also being questioned. Pentostellates are practically divided into: on the one hand hardness and purity the yellow world wants to preserve the born spirit; On the other hand, those who are less attached to the fetus support the need to reconsider the question. At the base, however, there is one certainty: if Control By the end of this order many large Grillini would lose their seats in Rome.

Former Prime Minister Melina did, mentions Subscribers Conclusion in this case: “There will be an opportunity to vote on the various alternatives proposed in this case“At this point, he points out, the double order is not in the law and”So it will not be in the new law“. This is considered a topic to be addressed.”And then in a collision with sunlight“. Without haste and without priority, in the meantime, those selected in 2013 can continue to compete, while at the same time being able to get used to the basic new curriculum and digest the abandonment of being a real hard worker.

Relationship with Rousseau

Ronso also put pressure on Conte on the complex management of the game. But the former prime minister briefly dismissed the issue. First, he insisted that the political direction of the movement should be distinguished from technical management Walkway: “It is not possible for a political force represented in parliament to have even the shadow of a combination of these two aspects“He was severely reprimanded by the Rousseau Association.”There is a major interference in political elections“. But forget that Rousseau was behind his appointment to Palazzo Chiki …

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Relationship with the press

The former prime minister later took some pebbles out of his shoes as part of an information role. “The information round was called to feed responsibly“When the EU reached an agreement, he went to re-read the July 2020 newspapers The next generation: “Reading those titles again, it seemed that we had fixed a failure, which made me reflect“So some information review:”If you fall into ridicule and mysticism, you will not do a good service to the citizens.“.

When talking about relationships with the press, who knows what you think about the complex relationship between them? Rogo Casalino Many journalists have repeatedly pointed out the difficulties with a former spokesperson who is an expert in telling a true story. In fact, he made the revelation that he was the people’s lawyer. Do not forget the attack that came The future, This is Castellino “A man with complete confidence in a private digital communications company, Casaleggio & Associates” That “Dictates the political tax of the first person“According to the newspaper, the attitude of Conte and de Mayo makes him vague.”Excessive and untouchable character that arouses suspicion“.

The role of Grillo

As for the shock eruption Pepe Grillo After the newspapers reported on the affair involving his son, Conde recalled the “5 star movement’s guarantee”:I would not have made that video“Says to respect.”His suffering“As well”Among those who think they are victims in this affair“But he says he would not have allowed the video to be posted on Facebook if he had been his lawyer:”TV broadcasters had the opportunity to say, ‘Grillo talked about it, so let’s talk about it.’ A parallel process, a degeneration I would never allow“.” What’s the role of the former comedian in “New Movement”?

Amara case

In the case of Amara he did not go much about things that have already been clarified on social media in recent days. He reiterated that he had never seen himself, that his name had been given by Vyati, and that he had no personal or professional relationship with her. Ann Parcel Reported to have been occupied by 300 legal opinions for almost a year at 400 thousand euros: “So that fee was minimal. All of those fees have, among other things, passed the examination of the Judicial Commissioners appointed by the Court and the Bankruptcy Judges.“. That’s all.

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CSM corruption

The image of the former prime minister remains firm Department of Justice Esca “Collapsed“From the Corruption of the CSM.”No magistrate should be allowed to have a subversive attitude because it would be detrimental to the whole category. It said no political force in parliament should use this to slap the judiciary. Before we talk about commissions of inquiry, let’s reform CSM: dust off the coastQ: Did you manage to reform the CSM in both your governments? The answer is unfortunately not.

“Super check” among voters

The right question for Conte, in many cases, has shown that he knows how to handle circulars and phrases that are full of rhetoric. What is the identity of the new movement and from which floor does it want to capture votes? Attorney M5S “It will inspire environmental culture“.If someone classifies Grillini as D. Left? Giuseppe has no problem, but only one fact: “We will also look at the needs of moderate voters“.

Between taxes and general apologies …

Its priority is clear: “I am interested in cutting taxes“At the same time avoiding a general amnesty policy.”They accustom citizens to public forgiveness and can make them very lazy in making payments“Another question for the former prime minister: Who signed off on financial peace and scraping? However, Conte announced the start of new tax reform.”We can also help regulate positions, but once and for all“.Then.”The loser pays“.

Renzi’s Criticisms

It was recently completed in Giuseppe’s view Matteo Renzi, Especially after the pictures of the meeting between the leader of the Italian Viva and Marco Mancini. Perhaps he is the most publicly critical politician. This is not the first time. When Government crisis, From Palazzo Ciki “If Matteo Renzi takes full responsibility for the government crisis, it is unlikely that President Giuseppe Conte will remake a new executive with the support of IV.“Renzi decided to pull the plug with a press conference, but for the third time in a row Conte tried to get the votes of the” responsible “and Renzi to stay in Palazzo Ciki.

Decision of the Legislature

The leader of the M5S in Pector believes the government can continue its path until the end of the legislature: “At this time, in the midst of all the problems that are going on, it is not the responsibility of the citizens to say that Draghi should go to Guerrero.“Therefore, he is not encouraged to interrupt the experience of this administrator, he postpones toto-Quirinale: “When the time comes, we will think along with other political forces about the best personality in the interest of the country“. It is better to go and vote in 2023, in essence: it may help two more years to reconsider parts of the 5 star movement and avoid irregular submission of the verdict of the citizens, voters with a dissatisfaction with the yellow.

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The bridge over the strait

Another historic pillar of the M5S is poised to fall: Giancarlo Chancellery, in support of the Bridge over the Straight, is considered a useful workDevelopment of the region and Italy“In light of the endless internal controversy following the statements of the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure, it is a difficult knot to unravel.”We do not ideologically ignite Ponte Yes, Ponte does not. I have a secular status“. Strange, who would have thought of that.

Alliance with the Democrats

Conte speaks as if he is now a new leader, trying to put together a torn section between a thousand souls of a movement Center left. Not surprisingly, when he had to give the chair in the Palazzo Ciki to Tracy, he sent a clear signal: “I tell Democrats and Liu’s friends that we must continue to work together, as our political plan, which I have summed up in the formula for the ‘Alliance for Sustainable Development’, is a strong, concrete plan that has already begun to bear fruit.. ”As if it wanted to put pressure on a structured coalition between the 5 Star Movement, the Democrats and the Library e balance.

In this sense, the lawyer said, he prepared a plan with a series of economic and social reforms: “It will be shared and it will grow with the participation of civil society and territories. This will help us develop a competitive plan for Italy over the next five years“However, it would be interesting to know its consequences: what will happen to the imaginary axis of the M5S-Pd-Leu with Conte’s guidance after the first failed experiences with the league, then with the chlorosis and now escaping grains and the outings at 5 stars?