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Curfew order and tensions: The tense wait of the majority

Curfew order and tensions: The tense wait of the majority

Running in May and ready to start tourism at full capacity in June: this is currently a government priority Mario Draghi. This is evidenced by the fact that the sector is essential for reviving the country’s economy during the summer months and that Palazzo Chi and the Ministry of Economy have increased the resources allocated to tourism businesses. Resources going into the support DL Biz launched Tuesday by CDM. Over there Vaccine campaign The sector needs to be restarted at full capacity and deregulated, which is detrimental to us at the moment compared to other countries such as Spain and Greece. Curfew order is the biggest issue to be dismantled, as well as premises being opened inside the home. For the most part, tensions are running high as the government waits to make a decision.

Abolition Isolation For those coming from abroad. We need to decide that not only tourists from EU countries can go freely. It seems likely that non-EU countries such as the United States and Israel will also be eliminated, as tourists will be able to travel from region to region, either openly vaccinated or negatively clothed within a specified time frame.

But an almost small majority is pushing for an end Curfew. New epidemiological data will be released tomorrow and it will be evaluated to reopen. It is wrong to believe that activities that may come to the table in the middle of next week will be relaxed immediately, so it will not be valid until next week. The curfew order will of course not be revoked, but will only be moved within an hour, at 11pm.

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As for the shopping centers, it is hoped they will be able to lift the shutters next weekend, while there will be no green light to reopen Indoor restaurants. Outdoor swimming pools and baths will reopen next week, from June 1 to gyms, theme parks, exhibitions and conferences from July 1. According to them, there may be two more weeks to wait, but Mario Draghi still has to face the ministers. But in two weeks, beyond the Rt change, there will also be a correction of the parameters for the color change of the regions (hospital one applies).