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Elenoire Casalegno is angry with her before she leaves for L'Isola de Famous |  Big words flying: “You're not feeling well.”

Elenoire Casalegno is angry with her before she leaves for L'Isola de Famous | Big words flying: “You're not feeling well.”

Eleanor Casalegno – (Instagram photo)

Before leaving for Celebrity Island, Elinor Casalegno got into a rage with her. His words were clipped.

“Eleanor Casalegno is such a beloved presenter that she was chosen for a special role in a very popular TV show in Italy,”The island of famous people“.

In the upcoming edition of the reality show that consists of some celebrities living together on a desert island and makes them participate in a series of games, Eleonore Casalegno She will become the new commentator for the program and take charge Alvin.

As for the program, it is the same Great newsAlvin was the show's commentator par excellence. However, it is not the only one of the edition. The second big change relates to the management of the programme, which will no longer be undertaken Ilary Blasibut a Vladimir Luxuria.

In practical terms, the next edition of Celebrity Island already promises to be particularly interesting and certainly for new “comers” who should be warned. A certain tension For the thing. This is evidenced by the comments that Elenoire Casalegno made towards him at the time when it was vulgar. He got into a rage.

A love relationship is born from friendship

There is no doubt that one of Elenoire Casalegno's early supporters was hers Companion Samantha de Grenette. The two have been together for a little over a year, but they've had a friendship that's been going on for a very long time, exactly For 28 years.

They love each other and the relationship they have is beautiful. However, there are times when, as much as I love them, they find themselves arguing. But in this case, Eleonoir Casalegno She didn't tolerate it at all. He used some very strong words to criticize her.

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The perfect chicken curry recipe
Polo curry –

Sharp but sarcastic towards Samantha

As stated on the Instagram profile of the two women, Elinor Casalgno and Samantha de Grenette “discussion“The moment Samantha De Grenette appears from the campaign He was eating chicken curry from a plate with plastic wrap on itWhich the woman wore to ensure that she did not get dirty and did not have to wash the dishes.

This is what Elenoire Casalegno said to her partner, even if he was with him Lots of sarcasmKnowing that the video was published as if it were a sketch:Do you use wrapping paper to avoid making even the slightest effort to wash the dish? You are not fine. Samantha, you're not feeling well.“What a curtain!