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Electric cars stop selling: The government’s decision causes the issue to explode

Electric cars stop selling: The government’s decision causes the issue to explode

Electrical Hazards – Al-Motouri Newspaper

This is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary and “historic” historical periods for those who drive a car: just as it led to the invention of the engine, the essence now is environmental sustainability.

Once upon a time, most people would resent the idea that they would end up ditching gasoline-powered cars and driving something completely different: Electric chimera It was too far away.

It was thought that this type of car Thermal They were never going to be replaced, apart from the first hints of great relative inconveniences all’ambiente in suffering, Little has been done to change.

Then it is Smog And it has grown, like Collective awareness: To the point of making sustainability one of the cornerstones, if not the critical cornerstone, of the world’s future Cars. And now we are well underway transition.

Everyone is rowing on the same side: but is it really so? Given the global context, like everything else, up to this point Historical transformation He is not immune to criticism, obstacles and doubts.

Electric cars are collapsing in sales for this reason

If nothing else though I goFifthErnie, authority International E Producers From the sector to They hug on the level productive This new cycle has been going on for a long time now electrical. on the contrary. What’s more: incentives for buying green cars, and assistance with appearance, are often available Bonus for every install columns, Bonus for each Zero-emission cars And so on and so on. The brands themselves are accelerating. however?

The danger that could befall himOr stop sales Of cars electricity It is certainly unavoidable, on the contrary: there is a governmental decision that can be taken ‘Explodes’ I issue, In that sense, in an exciting way. Which government? We’re talking about the option to stop incentives for electric cars: a choice that already raises discussion and costs customs fees, Because it seems almost obvious that without support, To resume Towards the green cars go down, and sales They start doing so Stoop.

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Electrical incentives -
Electrical incentives – newspaper

Electric cars, goodbye incentives and now?

The decision was made in Germany what It has decided to stop incentives in order to encourage, especially in this sector professional, Buy zero-emission cars. In just one year we have seen sales collapse Electric car About beyond 28 percent Of the total, compared to 63 percent last year.

In practice, this confirms a fairly straightforward basic concept: demand for electric vehicles is largely supported by benefits and benefits. state rewards, Especially for sectors professional. However, since electric cars in Germany have become “of”. Massa, The decline in “taking,” without incentives, calls for pause for thought.