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Berlusconi: "We are a liberal and guaranteed center. Here is my revolution"

“Enough with the fancy proposals…”. So Berlusconi crushed the calenda

Silvio Berlusconi The event was linked to Italian affairs events at Sèglie Mezzapica in the province of Brindisi by director Angelo Maria Perino in collaboration with Camin and Partners. The Forza Italia leader mainly tackled the issue of expensive bills, explaining “You don’t need to face this difficult situation Fancy proposals Dr. By Calenda: A government order is needed to immediately sterilize the increase with adequate reliefs and tax incentives.“.

Silvio Berlusconi’s view is that a reason for the good of the country, according to whom “You need oneA joint effort EU to negotiate on gas prices“However, this is not enough to deal with such a serious situation, indeed,” Knight continued.It is essential that the new center-right government realizes from day one the objectives of our plan, which the left has blocked all these years, as an absolute priority: waste-to-energy plants, renewable plants, Piombino, and research on drilling, alternative energy plants and, above all, clean nuclear power. Instant restart“. A project that has its roots in the benefits that French” neighbors “have done in recent decades” in the country beyond the Alps.85% of consumption comes from nuclear energy: we cannot think only about today’s crisis, we must understand that in an increasingly unstable world, we must ensure the future of energy and work for our children in the coming decades.“.

Il Cavaliere has decided to carry out this election campaign through mainstream media, including social media, where it has strengthened its presence in the past. His campaign is based mainly on short videos, program tablets where Knight explains key points: “A few weeks later I saw that our opponents also adopted our pill system. I am happy, but that is not enough: in addition to our communication methods, they also tried to imitate it Our ideasOur plans and, why not, our style, Italy and democracy have a lot to gain“. And to further strengthen his online presence, Silvio Berlusconi has announced that he will also be venturing into TikTok:”Tomorrow I will be on Tik Tok with contents dedicated to this particular means of communication …“.

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