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Eating only protein is never good: the difficult discovery that shuffles the cards on the table | They always lied to you about it


It is necessary to take them in order to allow the body to function, but other macronutrients, on the contrary, must not be eliminated.

They are macronutrients They play a vital role within the body It is for this reason that they are especially loved by all. Above all, it provides the energy needed to get you through any day and helps rebuild muscle tissue. They then allow the immune system to function properly and eventually produce hormones that are useful for regulating bodily functions.

So it is really important for the proper functioning and health of the body and therefore it should be Completely included in the diet. However, we must pay attention to the number of servings taken during meals, as many tend to exceed the quantity.

truly There are those who base their diet on protein only with the belief that they could lose a lot of weight if they excluded all other macronutrients from their diet.the. However, the truth is that by doing so he commits Fatal error And he certainly will not lose weight, as he thinks, on the contrary.

The diet precisely because it is balanced does not need only proteins, on the contrary. This is actually what the body needs to feel satisfied.

Some big mistakes

so that the body works well and loses weight regularly and continuously, He needs to take in each type of macronutrient through food. Hence not only proteins, but also fats and above all carbohydrates.

Often Their importance to the health of the body is underestimated and sometimes There is even a tendency to exclude them from the diet Because they are believed to make you fat. In reality They are macronutrients that need to be eaten in very large amounts.

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The importance of carbohydrates

According to the opinion of experts, At least 40% of the normal diet should consist of carbohydrateswhich is the real engine of the body. In fact, they allow the brain to function, provide the energy needed to survive any day and keep the body at a normal temperature.

Thus, it would be good to give more importance to these macronutrients and include them in diets. Just this way You can lose weight and keep your body healthy.


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