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EasyJet launches 10 new routes from Italy, for a summer of dreams

It’s going to be a great summer, full of fun and adventure: the past two years have been particularly difficult for tourism, but now it seems like it’s time to get back into travel. And the EasyJet wants to go back to the topAnd the addition of 10 new flights from Italy to many great summer destinations. Let’s find out what they are.

EasyJet, the new routes for summer

The low-cost airline, which is ready to relaunch itself in summer tourism after a two-year hiatus, has announced several interesting news about it European network. And some for Italian travelers: in fact, there are even 10 new routes connecting our country to some of the most exciting (and sought-after) destinations in all of Europe. There is also Two new entries, so far has not touched easyJet. The first is Lampedusawhich will be linked from June 29 to Naples with a weekly flight and from July 1 to Milan Malpensa with three weekly flights.

The second is the beautiful Greek island Skiathos: Starting on June 27, there will be four weekly departures from Milan Malpensa and three more from Naples airport. and talking about GreeceTourists departing from Venice Marco Polo Airport will be able to return to visit the gorgeous island of Corfu thanks to two weekly flights that will also start on June 27. Finally, among the new coastal destinations accessible from Italy, there is also the lively one Palma de Mallorca. In fact, on March 28, the daily route (except Sunday) that will connect Milan Linate Airport in . will start Balearics.

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But summer is not only synonymous with the sea: there are many tourists who take advantage of the charming sunny days and hot climate in order to Visit some amazing art citiesAnd mixing between the crowds and inhaling the atmosphere of different countries. For all these travelers, easyJet has created some fun routes. From June, new connections will be available between Naples and the airport Paris Charles de Gaulle, Ben Alghero and cute – good. While who wants to access it Amsterdam You can do this starting with Pisa and Brindisi.

EasyJet Airlines reconfirmed for 2022

Of course, summer news is only part of Big EasyJet Project To return at full speed on the entire European network. The airline is actually working to restore some of its most important routes in Italy, precisely in light of the hot season (and many Tourists who want to leave at last). One is the one who connects Marco Polo’s Venice to the wonderful KefaloniaOne of the most popular coastal destinations among our travelers. From June 27, two flights per week will be operating.

However, still talking about the topic of major European cities, the role of two other associations that were very welcome in the past will soon take place. This is the way Lamezia BerlinWhich leads to the discovery of the wonderful German capital, and that Cagliari Basel, which connects our wonderful Sardinia to the small Swiss city of jewels. Both tracks will resume from next June, opening the new summer that is getting closer.

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“With today’s announcement, EasyJet will operate 17 routes to and from Italy in summer 2022, bringing the total to 220 routes,” he explained. Lorenzo LagorioRegional Director of EasyJet Italy – ‚ÄúThis is excellent news for Italians who will have more options in planning their summer vacation, but also for our country, bearing in mind that the new contacts will contribute to our recovery. tourism sector.