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Test QI di intelligenza 3 domande

IQ test in only 3 questions: nine out of ten are wrong!

IQ Test That Comes Directly From Scientists: Measures your IQ (IQ) with only 3 questions able to assess your ability to think.

Why waste time on long IQ tests, in the end intelligence is subjective, which really distinguishes one person from another according to Professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Shane Frederickwhich developed in 2005 the cognitive reflexology test, is our reflexive ability: “How really impulsive are we, or rather, before giving an answer are we able to give more detailed reasoning without rushing to answer?”

IQ Test 3 Questions –

The reason this is as fast as it is complicated a test, Not just its own indicator I.Q (IQ), but what an individual simply could be more impulsive This tends to be more “innately responsive” in short. Out of 3,428 respondents (also from prestigious universities), Only 17% Guess all three answers. Given the small percentage of winners, doubt strikes us: maybe we are reckless living beings?

The article was published in 2005 In the Journal of Economic PerspectiveThe test is still valid and who knows, it could be a good excuse to keep our minds trained! But now let’s do the test together, feel relaxed and focused:

  1. Baseball bat and ballThe club and ball cost $1.10. A bat costs a dollar more than a ball. How much does a ball cost?
  2. industrial machine: If it takes 5 machines 5 minutes to make 5 pieces, how long does it take 100 machines to make 100 pieces?
  1. LAKE WITH NINFEEIn the lake there are water lilies and every day their number doubles from the previous day. If it takes 48 days to cover the entire surface of a lake, how long will it take to cover half of it?
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Here are the test answers:

  1. Baseball bat and ball: One might instinctively say that the ball costs 10 cents, but if you think about it, that total cost would be $1.20, because the bat, which costs $1 more than the ball, should cost $1.10. Thus the ball costs half of what is expected, i.e. 5 cents (So ​​the club is $1.05).
  1. The Car: Surely the most impulsive person would have answered that 100 machines take 100 minutes to make 100 pieces. But in this way, an increase in the number of machines also leads to an increase in production time… Not very efficient actually. In fact, nothing changes at all, as it should be: to produce more parts, we need more machines, but time cannot increase. correct answer 5 minutes.
IQ test answers
IQ Test Answers –
  1. LAKE WITH NINFEE Instinctive answer: 24 days, but that would be impossible because it would mean that on the 25th day the water lilies do not cover the entire lake, while the question specifies that its extension doubles every day. So the correct answer is 47 days. The next day, in fact, the water lilies double to cover the entire lake.