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DVB-T2 terrestrial digital broadcasting, mark this date: change is coming for everyone

DVB-T2 terrestrial digital broadcasting, mark this date: change is coming for everyone

Digital floor issue. A new change is coming. The date when everything should change for viewers.

The revolution we have been waiting for for many months It should arrive later this year. The protagonist in question is the new digital terrestrial broadcasting, a modern system and, according to statements received from citizens over the previous months, more advanced and effective. The final transformation of the system has been announced several times by institutional offices during 2023 but for one reason or another everything has been postponed from time to time. Now, it seems we have reached the fateful date.

Shutdown postponed –

The long-awaited “shutdown” of Rai channels is once again in the center of attention. In a first stage There was talk of January 2024 However, as for the final transition to the new TV system, the latest rumors seem to assume another postponement until March 2024. Even in this case, there are many doubts, as some people familiar with the matter have declared, regarding any process. It is planned to be implemented in the coming months.

DVB-T2 digital terrestrial broadcasting, select this date: “Investigations” conducted by Newslinet

Interesting thoughts on this issue have arrived in recent days from some journalists at Newslinet, an Italian online periodical providing legal, economic and technical information. And according to the editors themselves, it will be more realistic than ever Possibility of postponing further operations Until next September. It all depends on the conversion itself In DVB-T2 from Musk Rai b. Technical times, in short, to make it effective Transition to the new system They must then stretch again.

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More information about the actual resolution of the years-long situation should be available, at least we hope, on the occasion of the report's publication. new Service contract between Ray and the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy. At that point, in short, the intentions regarding the digital terrestrial issue must be clear and not just for the period from 2023 to 2028. After that, we will have to wait for the appropriate technical times for publication in the Official Gazette.

Rai program for September –

The possibility of deferring the expected shutdown must fall entirely within Ray's specific needs. The administration explained that the ideal period would be after the summer, taking into account the broadcaster's various obligations, especially with regard to major events, such as the Paris Olympics and the European Football Championship in Germany. In short, the Italians will have to wait again.