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Dark and not very functional mirror: with expert solutions it becomes the “protagonist” of the bathroom

Dark and not very functional mirror: with expert solutions it becomes the “protagonist” of the bathroom

If your mirror is dark and ineffective, don't worry: here are some useful tips from the expert that will change everything.

The bathroom has increasingly changed its connotations over time and, especially in recent years, has become a real relaxation room.

Dark bathroom mirror: how to fix

In fact, it is a suitable environment to use when we want to make time for ourselves. This is where we can relax by taking a nice bath, or a nice hot bath if we have a bathtub. Here too we can apply creams to our faces and bodies. here We can offer all of our treatments, perhaps listening to music or one of our favorite podcasts. What's more, it's in the bathroom Most women wear makeup.

To be able to perform this beauty ritual to the best of your ability, you'll need a mirror that's right for the job. Often and willingly, in fact, You happen to have dark, unwieldy mirrors. To ensure that this extremely useful and indispensable item in the bathroom does its job as well as possible and becomes a hero for the environment, all we have to do is follow this advice from the expert.

High-performance bathroom mirror: here's how to get it, thanks to expert advice

There are more and more needs associated with high-performance furnishings in our bathroom. In fact, we spend more and more time in this very room, and it has become the setting environment par excellence.

Bathroom mirror: how to make it functional and

To best respond to this function, a suitable mirror will be needed Well-lit and able to satisfy even the most demanding. According to the expert, it's all about lighting and its arrangement. What, most often, The mistake in the bathroom is the arrangement of the lights. They are arranged either above the mirror or on the ceiling. These are wrong positions, because it is that way Light creates shadow areas on our faces, and when we have to apply makeup, we are not able to do so adequately. According to expert @andreagovoni76, lights should instead be placed at the edges of the mirror, to avoid all shadow areas on our face.

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Another solution, which is always very effective, is a solution Choose two wall lights to be placed on either side of the mirror. It should be placed 1.5 meters off the ground for optimal performance. In this way, our mirror will be really useful and practical.