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Fans are rebuilding the game's map, based on leaks -

Fans are rebuilding the game’s map, based on leaks –

Members GTA 6 Inundated with leaks at Rockstar Games recently, it hasn’t stayed idle. While for many it was just a series of uninteresting development videos, to others it proved to be a goldmine of information, from which they began to rebuild a map from GTA 6.

The contents of the leak indicated game coordinates And with these, fans were able to create a rudimentary and mostly incomplete map for GTA 6, as you can see above in the tweet of the Church of GTA. Some details, however, are the result of speculation, such as some methods and some limits. The GTA 6 map seems to be huge, anyway.

This is not the first time that players have started such a project. at the time of GTA 5In fact, GTA Forum fans made a map from promotional materials shared by Rockstar Games. This time, however, it is a leak. This also means that the end result can vary a lot, because what is circulating on the network is part of a temporary copy of the game.

If you are interested in exploring the contents of the GTA 6 leak, here are all the 90 development version videos shared by the leaker.

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