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Drone against car in Baghdad: This is how the United States killed a Hezbollah leader

Drone against car in Baghdad: This is how the United States killed a Hezbollah leader

Successful heart surgeryIraq. the United State They just announced that they attacked with Drone The car in which three pro-Iranian militia members were traveling Hezbollah BrigadesAmong them is a senior leader of the group. The episode took place in BaghdadThere will be no indications of collateral damage or civilian casualties. However, the men on board the car died. It appears that one of the neutralized targets – at least three – was Wissam Mohammed Abu Bakr al-SaadiCommander of militia operations in Syria. It is noteworthy that the United States suspects that Kataib Hezbollah is the militia responsible for the recent raid in Jordan It claimed the lives of three American soldiers.

Revenge of the United States of America

The announcement of what happened was published by United States Central CommandWho reported the killing of the commander of the Hezbollah Brigades.”Responsible for attacks against American forces in the regionThe Iraqi police said that there was at least another person inside the car at the time of the attack, and his identity could not be determined, while other sources speak of three passengers in total.

The identity of the leader of Kataib Hezbollah has not yet been revealed. The people inside the car were not identified because the bodies were complete Charred From the fire that broke out as a result of a violent explosion.

Local authority officials said that the attack targeted a four-wheel drive vehicle Al-MashtalIt is a neighborhood inhabited by a Shiite majority in eastern Baghdad. The raid occurred while the United States was planning to launch retaliatory attacks against US-backed militants.Iran Who last month launched a drone against an American site in Jordan, killing 3 American soldiers. The United States blamed the attack on an Iranian-backed militia called the Islamic Resistance in Iraq.

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What's happening in Baghdad?

According to what I reported BBCThe American attack would have been achieved with “Accurate shot“In a moving car on a busy street. The car was reduced to a burning wreck. When a BBC crew arrived at the scene, a crowd of demonstrators gathered, chanting: '”America is the great devilThere was also a large group of people at the site police. Later, SWAT teams from the Iraqi Ministry of Interior also joined the attendees.

Same crew as BBC She tried to approach the burning car, but onlookers pushed her back and insisted that journalists were not welcome. “You are foreignersshouted a man, adding:It's the foreigners' faultThere are reports of crowds heading inAmerican embassyHeavily fortified to protest.

Shortly after the American attack, representatives of Kataib Hezbollah asked their fighters to carry out the attack Revenge against the United States. In January, the United States launched an airstrike in Baghdad against the leader of Harakat al-Nujaba, a group also accused of launching attacks against US forces. Washington has about 2,500 soldiers in Iraq and 900 in neighboring Syria. It is possible that these forces will end up in the crosshairs of the aforementioned local groups.