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Masterpilot vlog from McDonald's with the Cybertruck, USA – tests

Masterpilot vlog from McDonald's with the Cybertruck, USA – tests

Behind the scenes of the Tesla cyberdrug test, from missed breakfasts to 3am flights to selfies and people's comments: “Muy hermoso!”. We are in Texas…

February 7, 2024

NHis latest blog, Emiliano Orfa Orfi Tesla takes us on an adventure to discover the Cybertruck, starting with his hectic day, which begins with a 3:35 a.m. flight to Austin, Texas. He underlines the exceptional nature of the trip he organized himself to test the cyberdrug, which was not available for press trials in Europe. He shares his experience with his friend Fabrizio (Tesla shines), both are interested in the characteristics of the first driven car Full self-driving beta.

Funny moments but personal reflection @MasterPilot, Like childhood nostalgia for car trips and the discovery of advanced technology Cyberdrug. Considerations of how the car's strength and functionality matter, despite some construction flaws Continuous updating His admiration for the vehicle highlights, the highlights of Tesla cars and the technological innovations.

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