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Download Windows 11: First Insider Preview of the Build Available

Download Windows 11: First Insider Preview of the Build Available

Nicola Legs

they passed some days From the official announcement, immediately The first builder for insiders Available: let’s talk about it Windows 11Today, he is taking the first step towards his final appearance, scheduled for him next fall.

The good news is that many innovations drawn by Microsoft, which you can also find have been reported at Windows 11 official website, already exists. Obviously we’re talking about the new taskbar, with the key Start In the middle, most of all rounded corners You may like it, as well as a new design for Settings, the new director of Windows side by side, from revisions to dark appearance, in addition to the new graphic and audio features of the system.

However, it is not yet time to experience Android appwho is support absent From this version, and there isn’t even an integration with Teams, orthe retirementFrom Skype.

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To try out Windows 11 right away (ATTENTION: Bugs and various instability are not ruled out at all), you will have to Join the Insider Program (It’s free!) Then go to Settings -> Updates & Security -> Windows Insider and select the Dev channel to get the first version of the new OS. Also remember that to join the internal program, you will have to share all diagnostic data with Microsoft, otherwise you will not have access.

In the next few hours we will be directly trying the first version of Windows 11, so if you don’t want to risk it, stay tuned and you’ll know more without hurting yourself.

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