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Do you work out at home on Netflix?  Now it can be done

Do you work out at home on Netflix? Now it can be done

FSince its arrival (revolutionizing our habits), Netflix mean Couch and a movie. Now, however, this pairing is not so obvious anymore because the popular platform has just launched some content To push subscribers to do so exercise and yoga.

From yoga to high intensity workouts

Netflix’s “Virtual Gym” consists of 90 videos broadcast in association withThe Nike Training Club app. 46 of them are already available (for a total of 30 hours of programming), while Another 43 will be released during the year.

Lessons are available in several languages ​​(and yes: Among them there is also Italian) And the They are Netflix and Nike’s primary response to the peloton, the now popular app that, during various lockdowns, has scored impressive numbers (nearly 3 million subscribers, against the Nike Training Club’s 1.8 million). To beat a competitor’s application, NTC decided to rely on Netflix. Way to intercept a broader audience, not necessarily accustomed to exercise in their spare time.

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The services provided are many. pass by it yoga garlic High intensity exercises. But me too Basic principles of physical fitness And some videos Abs coverage.

Netflix will no longer allow subscription password sharing

This is a very special moment for the streaming giant Just announced Prepare to stop sharing subscription passwords among friends. In our country alone, there are more than 3 million Netflix accounts shared with other users outside of their family (more than 100 million worldwide). And the Now the platform intends to ban this practice. the reason? Most likely, the whole thing is in the giant’s balance sheets.

Netflix. Credit: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto

With the arrival of new platforms (first of all Amazon Prime Videosbut also Disney + And the last arrival Paramount +), Netflix no longer has exclusivity on streaming movies and documentaries. And the The data prove it. In April 2022, for the first time in over a decade, Netflix had to deal with 200,000 fewer subscriptions. In July there were 970,000.

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However, the crackdown on passwords in the US should begin in recent weeks. And from there, over the course of months, it will spread around the world.

According to analysts Netflix’s drastic move could lead to $720 million in subscription losses.

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