Monday, July 22, 2024

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia: some imagine it that way


It will be all new – From now until the next four years, the rangeAlfa Romeo It should expand from the current three to Five models. Just a step down from the latest arrival, the mid-size SUV tonalpre-existing 2024 New will be included Cross baby Based on the Jeep Avenger. On the other hand, it seems destined to be placed at the top of the show, in 2027new High end SUV. Naturally, the renovation also concerned Stelvio and Giulia. with a recent facelift (here Learn more), both models are halfway through a career that began in 2017 for the SUV, a year early for the sedan. on the futureAlfa Romeo Giulia In particular, which can be reached in 2025-26Speculation abounds among fans of the brand. Hence it is almost a “normal” fact, as in the case of Giulietta (here news), has anyone really tried to imagine what features a model destined to inherit such an important vehicle would have in today’s “alfist” imagination.

Nice retro touch, with a spice flavour – explanation forAlfa Romeo Giulia The next generation full of original and stylish ideas comes from the Instagram page of sugar designwhose proposal draws on both the stylistic underpinnings that made some fez of the past great, and the most important elements of its most recent Stylistic course From home, with a special mention to Tonale. In particular, the close kinship with the new Alfa Romeo SUV is evident at the front, characterized by the same luminous signature, subtle and “sulky”, the large shield that forms an imposing “tre-lobed” with generous air intakes. With a honeycomb net obtained at the bottom of the bumper. The belt line’s descending tendency also derives from the Tonale, a stunt, in the tender remarkable dynamism On the side, it creates a unifying color of the past: you know the silhouette of the Giulia Sprint GT from the 1960s?

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There is also a small number 156 between turns – in this drawing fromAlfa Romeo Giulia which is to come, and which its creator imagines a little larger and more imposing than the current model, two other points of contact can be identified with the past, albeit recent, of the Milanese house. The tail, which has an oblique and pointed shape, is furrowed with a luminous band practically identical to that of the Tonale, but in general it is somewhat similar to Engineering 156. The most obvious legacy of this model, which thanks to its unique and timeless line remains among the most famous axes of modern times, is the lack of handles in the rear doors: the handles in the rear doors were carved on the 156 in the window frame, on this even the Giulia of fiction disappeared, It was replaced by an actuator allowing electrical opening and closing. Various solutions, but after 25 years, it returns the same refreshing “coupe effect”. And you, what do you think of this hypothetical heir to the current Julia?


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