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Do you know who produces the tortellini for sale at Eurospin? She would never say that


We have to see how some of Eurospin’s products are manufactured by major brands. Today we reveal who’s behind Eurospin’s Tre Mulini tortellini.

Eurospin products

One of the chains discount Most lovable ever, for sure Eurospin. It offers a wide range of products competitive prices And high quality. Confirm this is the order in which Ultraconsomo It is done in the most convenient supermarkets. In fact, Eurospin has a series of products with exclusive but not so famous brands. The pasta we find in this discount chain bears the brand “three mills”. Milk, canned foods and dairy products haveItalian pastures. For several years, Eurospin has also been committed to offering a range of gluten- and lactose-free products bearing “I would like to be”. products

Always at the forefront of customer needs, there is also no shortage of branded vegan products “Nature’s flower.” These are just a few brands, but you can also find exclusive brands of tuna, fruit juices, snacks, pet products, small and large household appliances, body products, detergents, etc.

Every product we find in this supermarket chain is considered “Sub-brand“, that is, they do not have a lot of advertising behind them, as for example with other products. Despite this, these productions are often large and famous producers. This is the case of Eurospin tortellini, who produces them? Let’s find out

Tortellini Eurospin

Today more than ever you can find good products Quality at affordable prices It seems impossible, we always resort to buying products from famous brands to ensure quality, but sometimes it is not necessary. Series Eurospin It has created a smart and effective strategy that guarantees its customers high quality products at affordable prices. In fact, when we buy products from this series, we can discover their true origin Labels Behind them. Some products come directly from Eurospin Industries, but others have the following: project to Eurospin.

Tortellini Eurospin

Tortellini from

In most cases, the industries behind these products are very popular, just as we have seen in the past for other products.

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But now let’s answer the long-awaited question: BUT What company does Eurospin’s fresh tortellini come from?? You’ll probably find it hard to believe, but tortellini with raw ham, ricotta cheese and spinach are produced by a very famous company. Giovanni Rana, institution in the field Tortellini And fresh filled pasta. So we can be sure of the quality and quality of these products. For other types Stuffed pasta Instead, the production comes from avicani pasta factory, Another great brand symbol of quality.

Therefore we can conclude by saying that it is not alwaysSub-brand“It means lower quality, but simply less or no advertising. For those who are hesitant to try branded products Eurospin If you learn to read the labels behind them, you will discover that you are actually buying many more products, but at higher prices. In fact, many large companies also produce products at discounted prices but hidden behind another brand. So let’s learn to read labels, we might surprise ourselves.


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