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5 secrets to making perfect fresh tomato sauce and 5 common mistakes

5 secrets to making perfect fresh tomato sauce and 5 common mistakes

The secret to flawless dishes is to make just a few simple movements right at the base of each recipe. Fresh sauce is one of the simplest preparations for someone who knows the right steps and avoids making mistakes that will spoil the result.

Tomatoes are an incredible food, especially if you use them in these 10 imaginative ways to make colorful and delicious recipes. But no one can say they know how to cook if they haven’t tried their hand at least once in making this quick and effective “sciuè sciuè” sauce.

Here, then, are the 5 secrets to making the perfect fresh tomato sauce and 5 common mistakes that many make without even knowing it. The guarantee is an exceptional sauce, which will accompany your favorite pasta shape and guarantee maximum satisfaction to all diners.

Secrets that won’t disappoint any guest

It is undoubtedly a very simple recipe, but no less effective. The key to success is often the simplicity of the little things.

The first basic step is to choose the right tomatoes. There are real schools of thought here, but both San Marzano and Piccadilly seem to be excellent varieties for this. For a faster and equally good result, datrini tomatoes are also good.

The second secret about the right caramel The sugars needed to make the sauce creamy. To do this, it will be necessary to throw the tomatoes directly into the fried oil. If you like, you can add onions or garlic and a little sugar.

To get the perfect spicy sauce, it will be necessary to add basil and oregano only at about the end of cooking.

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In order for the sauce not to dry out and to preserve these aromas, it will be necessary to cook everything over low heat and strictly with a lid.

One last secret? Adding just 2 tablespoons of the cooking water will create a delicious sauce, especially when combined with grated cheese.

5 secrets to making perfect fresh tomato sauce and 5 common mistakes

Often a series of gross errors interfere to spoil a perfect result. 5 of these are very frequent and should be avoided completely, so they are summarized below:

  • the use of tasteless, hard or crushed tomatoes, preferably in salads;
  • cook the sauce too much, depriving it of the necessary liquid part;
  • do not remove the peel of tomato varieties where it is more difficult;
  • Do not correct the excess acidity of tomatoes. In this case, a teaspoon of sugar is enough.
  • Add a lot of oil. In a fresh tomato sauce, the only flavor that should prevail is that exceptional vegetable.
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