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Do you have a real passion for motorcycles? Here are the programs you can watch on TV

Are motorcycles your greatest passion and you want to know more? Here are the TV shows that talked about this topic that you will like.

Speedway (Adobe Stock)

While in our Italian TV there are many programs and TV formats that are specifically related to the passion for cars, it is a little more difficult to find content completely related to motorcycles.

for lovers Motorcycle So at the moment there are not many possibilities to follow different formats entirely dedicated to the topic on the small screen.

But let’s get acquainted with the broadcast in which this topic is discussed and treated, which is so impressive to many Italians.

Only for true sports fans: the 3 TV shows you can’t miss

Bicycle master, real custom business

  • Where to see it: Tim Vision, Prime Video
  • Timetables:-
  • Editions: 3

For fans of motorcycles and motors in general, the series is also interesting lord of bikes Where the center of attention is an exciting challenge. In fact, in the program there are ten teams that have to face each other in the creation of motorcycle customization, making them become real pieces of art. It is especially interesting to follow the creative process of these artists who create great works by testing their creativity. Three seasons have aired and the show can be retrieved via subscription on both Timvision and Amazon Prime, but is also often broadcast by Sky and channels such as Dmax.

Bike Riders TV, a passion for customization

  • Where to see it: Official website
  • Timetables:-
  • Versions:-

The fact that concerns the motorcycle sector is Bike Riders . TV A TV channel currently available on the web, which is entirely dedicated to this topic. In the various episodes, which can be found on the Internet of the program, you will find interesting information about everything about customization, that is, customizing your motorcycles.

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Motor direction, channel for motors

  • Where to see it: Digital Terrestrial Channel 59
  • Timetables:-
  • Versions:-

For beginners there is a TV channel dedicated to motors, motor direction, which is part of the Discovery Italia group and can be seen on channel 59 of Digital Earth. The main purpose of this network is to try to satisfy all car enthusiasts, and it is currently the only channel that deals with this topic 24 hours a day. Among the various proposals, there are also documentaries and specials that tell the most historical and iconic faces and all the most extraordinary vehicles that made history in this area.

Directed by Moto GB: He only thanks Valentino Rossi

Motorcycles, where to track the races

  • Where to see it: Sky and Tv8
  • Timetables:-
  • Versions:-

Although there are not many programs dedicated to motorcycles in reality for all racing enthusiasts MotoGP Who does not want to miss the different and exciting challenges, in fact there are different channels that broadcast the most important events. Among them, for example, there is Sky and Tv8, which broadcast the most important commitments on television, and thus to the delight of all fans of this sport.

I, Superbiker, exciting UK Championship

For fans of the thrill that only high speed can give, a series I, Superbiker. These are 5 documentaries that follow the annual British Superbike Motorcycle Championship, the main motorcycling championship held in the United Kingdom. A captivating and exciting story, it immediately grabs the spectator’s interest and hijacks them within an engaging story.

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