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Disney, Asi and Luca Parmitano together in the Generazione volume…

Disney, Asi and Luca Parmitano together in the Generazione volume…

Almost arriving Space generationNew folder Disney joints From the necklace Planet Friendscreated in collaboration withItalian Space Agency And Luca Parmitano. The storyboard bringing together crucial issues related to space and the environment will be presented at ASI headquarters during the European Researchers’ Night.

Space Generation – Friends of the Planet

New Giunti Disney volume of the series Planet Friends Face them Topics of the United Nations 2030 Agenda It boasts an introduction by Luca Parmitano, ESA astronaut and the first Italian to command the International Space Station. The result of cooperation with the Italian Space Agency (ASI), Space generation He talks about the solar system, space exploration, and everything related to our world. A story that also takes place through the Disney comic strip, with Uncle Scrooge and the Ten Little Millionaires And Eta Beta and the planet Bose.

Space generation This is the second volume of the series Planet FriendsDesigned for those who care Environmental issues and the future of our ecosystem. The series addresses the most important issues of sustainable development, through informative texts and Disney comic stories. In this context, space and its knowledge prove to be a valuable ally for protecting the planet. A place where man’s cultural horizon can be expanded and a better future on Earth can be ensured.

The volume begins with an introduction by Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano, the first European to carry this letter
Extravehicular Activity Record, the famous “spacewalk.” Parmitano tells readers about his unique experience and feelings in space, demonstrating his awareness that the Earth is a place that must be perfectly preserved.

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When the new Giunti Disney vol

Space generation to Gionity Editor will be displayed On September 29 in RomeThis was held at the headquarters of the General Assembly of Asia on the occasion of Night of European researchers. The event, promoted by the European Commission, aims to spread scientific culture and knowledge of research professions.