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What was the Earth like millions of years ago, consult the interactive map

What was the Earth like millions of years ago, consult the interactive map

Interactive map of the Earth In which you can move simply by choosing millions of years. no, It is not a video gamebut it is a portal created by Dinosaur Pictures where you can take a real time trip. Click herein fact, you will ejaculate in the past on planet Earth: You can date back to 750 million years ago and travel around the world to see what the planet looked like back then. Moreover, in the search bar, you will have the possibility to type in the name of your city to find out where it is based on the historical period you have chosen.

The site that allows you to see how it was Land millions of years ago

If the work we do seems to be beneficial to you and everyone else, you can also decide to take part in it and Participate For emotional astronomy. We can promise that with your help there will be more and more content to follow and better understand the universe.

An interactive map of what the Earth was like millions of years ago

Science has long tried to reconstruct the history of our planet. The most reliable hypotheses assert that the Earth was formed 4.54 billion years. However, early on in its history, it wasn’t the pretty planet we see now. In addition to being hottercharacterized by a lot of volcanic activity that generated a pristine atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide. An uninhabitable planetIn short, but it laid the foundations of life. Intense asteroid bombardment and vigorous volcanic activity release nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor into the atmosphere, which condenses and returns to the surface. in the form of rain. Add to this also the icy masses that have turned our planet into a real planet snowball (We’ll talk about that shortly in a special article), and then you pour melted ice into the oceans. In short, Earth’s history is full of events, mass extinctions, and meteorological events that profoundly changed its shape. However, there is no doubt that it is The most beautiful thing ever discovered And the only one, as they say, on which we would like to live.

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