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Slim and skinny body?  Advice to follow in the gym and at the table: Antonella Fiordelisi reveals her secrets

Slim and skinny body? Advice to follow in the gym and at the table: Antonella Fiordelisi reveals her secrets

How to get Antonella Fiordelese body? Ex Jevina, who is also known for her amazing body, has finally revealed her secrets.

Antonella Fiordelisi has been one of the most talked about names in recent times. Despite her young age, the girl is already a veteran of TV shows. The famous face of Mediaset, The young woman participated in shows including Temptation Island And the Big Brother VIP. Today everyone knows her not only because of her infectious friendship, but also because of her amazing beauty and, in particular, because of her amazing physique. but How do you stay so fit?

How does Antonella Fiordelese keep fit? – (

He’s been one of the most popular faces of late, and Antonella Fiordelisi knows it all too well. Over the years, the young woman has proven herself in the world of entertainment thanks to the various TV shows in which she has participated. However, even before he appeared on the small screen, Fiordelisi was already well-known in the world of social media.

Here the little bell is an all-round star, thanks to her social profiles where she appears as an absolute heroine. Among the various photos and videos that he posts, it is impossible not to notice this The beautiful Antonella has a chiseled physique. How does he do it?

Antonella Fiordelisi, secrets of the perfect physique

The answer comes directly from the web, where a video has emerged in which Fiordelese reveals some of his secrets. The famous Antonella has always been a huge sports fan And it is precisely physical movement that allows her to be so fit. In the past, Fiordelisi was a fencer, but as can be seen from photos on the Internet, today Fiordelisi mainly trains in the gym.

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Antonella Fiordelisi’s sculpted physique – official IG profile picture @antonellafiordelisi (

In the weight room, the influencer from Campania performs some targeted exercises, designed specifically for his physique. In the video that appeared on the Internet, the beautiful Antonella shows off some defining elements of her buttocks. These are two exercises that are very easy to do but are incredibly effective. The first is the bridge, which is performed with an elastic band at the knees and a weight on the abdomen. The second exercise involves raising the legs in alternating stages, while holding the weight in the knee.

Born in 1998, Antonella Fiordelisi is among the young artists crowding the world of show business. After participating in it Temptation Island In the role of the seductress, the model from Campania was among the protagonists of the last film Big Brother VIP. here Fiordelisi has made headlines especially regarding her relationship with Edoardo DonnamariaWell-known face Forums.