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Home Bonus 2023 ENEA Banned Communications: When You Start Over

ENEA has announced that sites available to send communications related to house bonus and ecobonus are temporarily blocked. Let’s see together why.

National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (AENEAS) make him know it’s temporary blocked Websites dedicated to Telecommunications Of those who want to take advantage of bCasa burden and ecobonus.

Already in 2022, the online platforms were inactive for the first three months of the year and then became available again from April 1, 2022. As a result, 90 normal days The communication with reference to the works completed is scheduled for January 1, 2022 to March 31, 2022, and is effective from April 1, 2022.

In fact, the deadline for communication is 90 days from the date on which it is Works completed or in it Tests.

Let’s see together when sites can be restarted.

The house bonus is affected by the connection ban

Bonus - 2021-03122021

The gates intended for connection from ENEA to ENEA at the end of EE building works, which are indicated are:

  • Restructuring bonus (or home bonus), where it is possible to download, edit and review descriptive papers for energy efficiency interventions and the use of renewable energy sources that benefit from 50% tax cuts;
  • ecobonusDownload and edit descriptive sheets of energy efficiency interventions and the use of renewables that benefit from tax cuts from 50% to 85%. E Bonus interfaces (90% for 2020 and 2021 expenses and 60% for 2022 expenses);
  • super rewards, It uploads and edits sworn data and descriptive papers for energy efficiency interventions and the use of renewables that benefit from a 110% bonus discount.
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When restarting sites


ENEA reports on its corporate website that its portals are subject to it to update; In particular, those available for the remote transmission of data for energy efficiency interventions that access tax deductions offered by Ecobonus and Bonus Casa.

The agency announced that the update will be available By the end of January 2023. Thus, entry of descriptive papers will be allowed with the completion date of the works starting January 1, 2023. Therefore, the 90-day deadline for sending the descriptive papers will start from the date the sites will be returned to-line.