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SpaceX Starship, have we finally made it to orbital launch?

The first orbital launch of the Starship, a “spacecraft” signed by SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space agency, is ready for liftoff. As has been predicted in recent days, June (or July at most) should be the right month to see this new rocket for dreamy South African director Elon Musk in action, and it looks like it’s already time.

SpaceX, orbital flight, 5/16/2022 –

Elon Musk announced the period via his popular Twitter account, and he’s waiting FAA licensed by the Federal Aviation AdministrationThe launch test, possibly the last one, will be conducted with the rocket powered by Raptor 2 engines. Elon Musk has made it clear that they are well made available for launch. 39 Raptor 2 engine, Awaiting launch as of April, and keeping installation times in mind, we’re in June.

SPACEX STARSHIP, orbital launch closer than ever

These engines are considered by the company more powerful and at the same time more reliable than their predecessors, read the Raptor 1, and therefore are ideal for the task that is now imminent. For fuel load testing, on the Starbase launch pad in Boca Chica (Texas) we find the SN20 (Ship 20) prototype of the spacecraft mounted on the top of the Super Heavy (Booster 4), but for orbital flight, the prototypes must be selected Ship 22 and Booster 7, Even in the absence of official confirmation in this regard, which will arrive only when the launch date is also reported.

So, everything will depend on FAA approval of the license, at which point the road to launch will be cleared, pending fine-tuning and various ground tests. SpaceX’s orbital launch is An important date to say the least Like the Starship, the rocket that will reach the Raptor 2, the US space agency NASA will use it, not only supplies but also astronauts to the moon, starting with the Artemis III mission, the mission that will see humans return to our satellite with great fanfare. However, the first manned flight of the Polaris mission was planned, and among the many astronauts on board there would also be Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa.

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