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Designer shares prototype of weird gaming bundle that Sony rejected -

Designer shares prototype of weird gaming bundle that Sony rejected –

PS2: Failed Game Packaging Design

Designer Hock Wah Yeo shared the site Mysterious Photo of a prototype of PS2 games bundles. As you can see above, the file the design Suggested by yo very special. This is a version created only as an example of the final idea: you can actually see that it used the Final Fantasy Anthology wrap for the first PlayStation, with a “2” on it.

This was the design of course to reject From Sony Playstation. As you know, the final choice was a classic DVD box style packaging. Sure, this model was a lot more creative, but we think game publishers would have struggled to create wrap art that would fit such an irregular shape. Also, it will be inconvenient to place the packaging vertically, since the weight is high.

Sony PlayStation also rejected the idea because it would have been more expensive for production. Obviously, such a proposal can never be successful, but it is interesting to discover something very special after so many years. According to Obscuritory, this design was made between late 1999 and early 2000.

always talking about PS2We suggest you take a look at the PlayStation 2 recreated in a portable version by a mod: it’s called PS2 Eclipse.

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