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The expected African temperature is above 45 degrees

The expected African temperature is above 45 degrees

Rome – promises to be a week of mid August ‘Hot’, perhaps the hottest of this summer season: from Sunday until the 15th in fact, it will hit Italy withHuge African heat wave, with thermometers they can touch tops above 45 degrees in the regions of southern Italy. According to “ilmeteo-it” experts, it is about “An extreme event with few precedents: uThe vast subtropical high pressure field will extend from the interior of the Sahara to include a large part of the Mediterranean Basin..

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Crazy August weather in Italy: “hot” temperatures and cold

Extreme heat in August, expected to be over 45 degrees

In addition to ensuring extreme atmospheric stability“explained meteorologists,”With so much sunshine all over Italy, the real news is about calorific values: mass The incoming air promises to be hot Temperatures up to 28-30 degrees at an altitude of 1500 meters, which is the height that experts use to reduce air mass“.In practice, experts still explain,”This may result in extreme temperatures of up to More than 45 degrees in the south and on the two islands Pioneer. Indeed, in the interior of Sicily and on the Apulian plate this value can even be exceeded. We are talking about Abnormalities ranging from 5 to more than 10 degrees More than reference climate averages, in short, we are facing an extreme event with few precedents”. This time the heat will also reach the northern regions, for most of the summer under the clutches of thunderstorms.

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