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Delia Duran takes revenge on Alex Bailey?  / Photo with Simone Bonacoursi: "Just Friends"

Delia Duran takes revenge on Alex Bailey? / Photo with Simone Bonacoursi: “Just Friends”

Alex Bailey The Big Brother VIP 2021 He discovers pictures of his wife, Delia Doran, in the company of another man. This is model Simone Bonaccorsi, girlfriend of her seemingly rather quiet husband. “No, it’s Simo. I know him, he’s with a friend of mine, they love each other. Simo I took him for a campaign in July, “- says the actor, but Sami interrupts from the studio to warn him of something new, “I know Simone has broken up with Chiara.” Despite this news, Billy has no doubts: “I know Simo and Delia well, and I don’t get caught up in this. I know very well that there was a lot of friendship before and now. We’re not an open couple, but we met up and said let’s live who we are. As for this picture, I can’t tell you, knowing both, that kind of picture and relationship is that. As long as I don’t see anything else, I’m quiet, it’s a behind-the-scenes look at a fashion show with 20 models, photographers and other things.”

The actor understands that certain things are not easy for the audience to understand, but offers a clarification: “I can’t defend my friendship here with Sole and then seeing this thing, among other things with Simone who we met, I can’t see it otherwise.” (Update by Emanuel Ambrosio)

Delia Duran cheats on Alex Bailey? Meeting the Other: “Intimate Situations”

Alfonso Signorini expected it Delia Duran would be ‘revenge’ Alex Bailey After a passionate kiss with Sully Sorge, and in fact, there is no shortage of evidence. Signorini, at the opening of the new episode of Big Brother Vip, shows a snapshot to be released in weekly Chi showing Delia in the company of a mysterious man and “in intimate situations,” the band leader confirms. Who the charming man is next to him is not yet known, but soon Alex will also be informed of his wife’s photographers, who are photographers at a confectionery company in Turin. How would the actor think? (Updated by Anna Montesano)

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Delia Duran takes revenge on Alex Bailey?

Delia Duran she is angry. Only 24 hours after entering Casa del big brother vipConfrontation with her husband Alex Bailey And the final clarification, the actor took another slip, Kissing passionately Sully Sorge Through Turandot. A move that displaced the woman who, it seemed, would be willing to confront him with one. Anticipation comes from Alfonso Signorini who, during the Big Brother Vip live link on Canale 5, spoils some reckless behavior in the new episode, announcing Duran’s revenge on Alex. But what’s on the mind of the beautiful Venezuelan supermodel this time around? Is she ready to go home again?

Delia Duran, ready to take revenge on Alex Bailey after a kiss to Soleil?

For now, it seems that her return home is unlikely, after seeing her only a few days ago for the third time in big brother vip. However, Delia may be ready to make her husband jealous in an original way. Did the model decide to offer him a kiss with another man, too? Certainly a risky hypothesis but one that should not be ruled out completely. Signorini, on the other hand, was anxious to emphasize the word “revenge,” anticipating a rather certain scenario. We just have to wait for the new episode to start and see how Alex Belli reacts this time around.

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