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La commozione di Daniele Dal Moro e l

Danielle Dal Moro’s Affection and the Importance of Friends – Big Brother VIP

in the yard, Daniel And the Mikul They look back on their past, and they both look at their yesterday selves with different eyes.

The VIP admits that she has changed, and that she is more painful than the naive and wayward girl she used to be. Micol admits that she was infected by the world, and that experience and time changed her.

On the other hand, Danielle is more intense. The significant other carries not very happy memories and the image of the little boy who was very different. Although he does not blame himself and loves himself, VIP says about himself that he values ​​who he is today less than he was yesterday.

Mikul points out that perhaps the competitor has a false image, because he does not see such a despicable person before his eyes. Daniel, in fact, specifies that he does not feel like a bad person, however, in the past he was kinder, and he was more outgoing. “You still have plenty of time to redeem yourself.” Micol says.

“What I was willing to endure yesterday, I am no longer willing to endure today.” Daniele continues, his eyes welling up with a few tears.

However, if there’s anything good about it, it’s connecting with the people VIPs care about. Friends and his presence in the game is due to this: “Finding new friends,” claims the contestant. With people close to him, a business man manages to be himself.

EdwardAt home, he is the person with whom he had the closest relationship, and the quarrel between them hurt and angered him. But he is always by his side, even manages to help him where he needs it and knows he reciprocates.

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with WilmaHowever, the important characters share life stories, and form a different bond, of a familial kind. While the friendship with Edoardo is different, one can also clash, but the relationship and goodness remain. With the singer, after the clash with Mikul and the recent fractures, he warns that the relationship has changed.