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Usa-Francia, Biden accoglie oggi Macron alla Casa Bianca

The United States and France, Biden welcomes Macron to the White House today

Milan on December 1. (askanews) – Joe Biden welcomes fellow Frenchman Emmanuel Macron to the White House today in an effort to revive and deepen America’s traditional alliance with Paris. But he is also trying to defuse tensions over his industrial recovery projects, which Paris has deemed “aggressive”.

The French president said that the alliance with the United States is “stronger than anything else,” but that Europe should not become an “adjusting variable” at a time when Biden is committed to all the forces of the first world power, rivaling China.

Cannon shots and chants at his arrival, his meeting in the Oval Office, a joint press conference and a gala dinner: Emmanuel Macron will have all the luxury associated with a state visit, according to AFP. And the French agency adds that this is the first time that the US president has given her such treatment since he took office in January 2021. Maine butter lobster, beef brisket with shallot jam and three types of American cheeses: these are the dishes served, according to the Associated Press. In the red, white and blue diner. Everything from the menu to the entertainment to the table setting has been designed by the White House and first lady Jill Biden to highlight the bonds that unite America and its “oldest ally,” the formula used in Washington to designate France.

The US President, after the convulsions of Donald Trump’s presidency, wants to strengthen relations. All this even if the relationship with the French counterpart did not start well. In September 2021, the United States announces a stunning new trilateral military alliance with Britain and Australia, code-named AUKUS, resulting in a massive submarine contract between France and Canberra.

Biden, without reference to the merits of the decision in the least, admitted to being “embarrassed.” Since then, he has done everything to please Macron, writes AFP, a process that, according to analysts, culminates in this official welcome in Washington.

But after these discussions, the two leaders will certainly want to show their approval of the response that will be given to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And it will be interesting to hear them about China: Washington would like more Europeans to share its concerns about Beijing’s rise to power, but France is keen to chart its own diplomatic course.

However, one element that could facilitate dialogue is the fluent French of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who was partly raised and studied in Paris. Something more than a detail that AFP does not remember, but which may contribute to a more fluid understanding between the two parties.
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