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Spotify, Wrapped 2022: This is the music we listened to

Spotify, Wrapped 2022: This is the music we listened to

wrapped 2022 He wants to celebrate the beauty of communication and help us express the thousands of facets of our personality.” Spotify It reveals the artists, albums, songs, playlists and podcasts that celebrated the year that is about to end, among the 456 million listeners of the streaming platform spread all over the world and in Italy.

And so we learn, for the third year in a row, that the most listened-to artist worldwide is the Puerto Rican superstar bad bunnyWhile as it was From Harry Stiles It is the song with the most streams of all time. for Italy, ipsta domain He is the most popular artist goosebumps From Mahmud And the Blanco It is the most listened song. As for podcasts, the most listened to in the world is the most controversial The Joe Rogan Experiencewhile in Italy 6 Spotify originals and exclusives are in the top 10, with The Essential in first place.


These are the full results for Spotify wrapped 2022 worldwide and in Italy. As mentioned, the overall winner in 2022 is the Puerto Rican Superstar bad bunny who remained for the third year in a row at the top of the charts as the most streamed artist worldwide with more than 17 billion streams, a real historical record testifying to the boundless success of the artist’s Latin music. Continuing, on the platform as well Taylor Swift And the Drakefollowed by weekend And the BTS extension.

The most listened to artist

Speaking of Taylor Swift: after breaking another record with her latest album midnight – Most streamed in a single day on the platform – Confirmed as the most listened female artist in 2022 on Spotify with over 11 billion streams, followed by Doja Cat And the Dua Lipa.

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A little bit of Italy

our’ Manskin Italian artists remain the most listened to abroad, followed by Medusa And the Gabriel Ponte. They closed the top 5 Ludovico Einaudi And the Kenna. In the top ten too Laura Pausini who became the most streamed Italian artist in the world.


Tops the global ranking of songs with the most streams as it was From Harry Stiles With over 1 billion streams. In second and third places: heat waves affiliate glass animals and Spends From Kid Laroy And the Justin Beiber. They complete the top five I bring myself good And the Titi askedWhoever bad bunny.


Spotify album confirmed for 2022 Un verano sin te From bad bunnyfollowed by Harry’s house From Harry Stiles And the sour From Olivia Rodrigo. The fourth and fifth places go to, respectively = From Ed Sheeran And the her planet From Doja Cat.

In the end, Today’s best songs It ranks first on the editorial playlist for the third year in a row.


We can say that this is the year of affirmations. Also in Italy for the second year in a row, ipsta domain is the most streamed artist in 2022, next pleasure And the thsoobIn the second and third places. In the fourth and fifth we find Blanco And the Marrakesh. Instead, the most listened-to artist is her Madam which ranks eighth.

still “chills”

kicked in San Remo 2022 and landed inEurovision Song Contest 2022And the goosebumps From Mahmud And the Blanco breaks all records Establishing its position as the most streamed song on Spotify in Italy. We find in the second and third places shaking From ruff And the Devil’s tail From Digital And the Alodice. They closed the top 5 Damn baby From Tanani And the Until they buried me From Blanco.

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The album with the most streams is Sirius From pleasurefollowed by taxi drivers From Digital And the blue sky From Blanco. Respectively, we are in fourth and fifth places savior From crying And the c@ra++ere s? ec! le From thsoob.

Hot Hits Italy It is again the most listened to Italian playlist on Spotify.

Italian podcasts

In Italy, basic Confirmed as the most listened to podcast, follows Wild Moose And the stories. Of the 10 most popular podcasts, 6 are original and exclusive to Spotify. In fact, in addition to basic And the storiesWe find urban demons in fourth place, Finger of God – Sounds from Concordia in the seventh, while in the octave and ninth, respectively whenever And the are you exhausted?.

Global podcasts

The controversial The Joe Rogan Experience It’s also the most listened to podcast on Spotify globally this year. They follow Call her father From Alex Cooper And the Anything goes With Emma Chamberlain. But we find in the fourth and fifth Case 63 And the Crime buffs.

Experience wrapped within the app

The news that many have been waiting for: starting today, November 30, all users will have access to their personal experience Covered, exclusively from the updated Spotify app. Among the new features: personalized stories and expanded sharing options.


This year, for the first time, Spotify brings Wrapped to Metaverse on Spotify Island and does so through a series of inspired missions, games, virtual goods and photo opportunities featuring 12 different artists including BizarrapAnd the Calvin Harris And the Tove Lo.

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Exclusive videos

The hit feature in 2021 was exclusive videos featuring messages from over 100 artists. This year the experience was enriched by including more than 40,000 artists among them ipsta domainAnd the ManskinAnd the GuèAnd the MadamAnd the MarrakeshAnd the pleasureAnd the ruffAnd the BlancoAnd the MahmudAnd the AriesAnd the TananiAnd the Alodice And the Digital. Top fans will see a dedicated video with a message of thanks from some of their best artists of 2022. Each video will be accompanied by the user’s most listened song of the year.

For Barcelona football fans

The acquisition of Spotify Camp nou: As part of the partnership between Spotify and F.C.BFans can watch wrap-up videos of some of their favorite players on social media, including Robert LewandowskiAnd the Alexia PotellasAnd the Pedro And the Ansu Fati.

wrapped creator

Finally, Spotify is launching the creator experience again this year Covered For podcasters and artists. By accessing their personal experience through the Wrapped widget, content creators will be able to discover how fans have listened to their content this year.