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Red Kanzian, the dangerous disease that struck him: How is it really

Red Kanzian, the dangerous disease that struck him: How is it really

Red Canzian, a historical member of Pooh, was hospitalized in January: what happened to him and how is the musician doing now.

On January 17, the news of hospitalization my red treasure At Treviso Hospital. It appears that the 70-year-old musician was hospitalized at Ca’ Foncilo Hospital after suffering a heart infection for several days, but on the evening of January 16 his condition worsened and he had to be hospitalized in intensive care.

Fortunately, it appears that the doctors were able to avoid the septicemia and thus a deterioration that could cost him his life. The newsletterthat day, they stopped at these details, and merely highlighted how the worst had passed, but the musician remained in the hospital in the intensive care unit.

The artist’s fans are wondering how she is now, single legitimate concernGiven the seriousness of the situation, they also know about past problems in the musician’s heart: in 2015, he underwent an aortic dissection and implanted a prosthesis affected by an infection in January.

Red Canzian, what are the health conditions of Poohs member

Fan fear, as mentioned, is legitimate, but the fact that Red Canzian himself only wanted to inform his fans when the worst was over was reassurance about his health: health problema bad infection prevented me from being there to enjoy the debut of this show I’ve been working on for three years and this fate wanted to be snatched away from me, I don’t know why.”

In the days since returning home, Red Canzian has been silent on social media and his fans have been worried. Many began to write to him, asking him about his condition, and on February 16 he reassured them: “I walk, I move, I go up stairs, I do physical therapy, the sound is back. Everything is fine, I only miss one thingReally important: to see you again. See you again, stand on the stage and hug you, but that will happen soon.”

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The path of recovery after a bad injury is still long, but everything seems to be going well. From the answer he gave his followers, it becomes clear how serious the health problem is and how difficult the path to recovery is. However it seems that Conditions are good And that the desire to get back to normal is great, so hopefully he can soon be able to get back to performing.