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Olympian Michela Moyoli talks about Riders Republic, a video game dedicated to extreme sports

Olympian Michela Moyoli talks about Riders Republic, a video game dedicated to extreme sports

“There are races all over the United States, from the Yosemite Mountains to Bryce Canyon. I love to travel and can’t wait to visit those places live, I’ve been planning this for years. But thanks to the open world, I’ve already done some hiking” says Michela Moyoli, Three-time World Cup winner and Olympic snowboarding champion At the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. Republic of Riders Available from October 28, Ubisoft Annecy is the latest effort dedicated to team social esports, meaning that every time you step onto the track, anywhere on the map, you’ll find yourself among other players. Race with over 50 people on the snow-capped peaks of the Barren Canyons and US National Parks in Bryce Canyon, Yosemite Valley, Sequoia Park, Zion and Canyonlands, Mammoth Mountain and the Grand Teton.

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I played with a female character, But nothing changes in terms of returns. It’s not the type that matters, but the amount of races or tricks that can be performed. Above all is to be able to do it Many friends at the same time, as well as unknown,” says the skater.

The mountain has a wonderful charm and the snow, even, a special smell that cannot be reproduced, in the game, the mountain environments are very well reproduced, Michela Mooli tells us: “Because you have fun from the start Even if you’re not good, do some crazy numbersIt’s very obvious. Then for someone like me who’s an athlete too The competitive side takes over, and thus also visual, neural and ideological training. Even if you are playing. Because even if you relax, you can still focus on the goal.”

In addition to cross-country skiing violently practiced by Michela Mooli, the champ devotes himself to surfing, cycling and also using a skateboard for training. In recent years, many youngsters and young adults have approached the world of extreme sports, among them British skater and surfer Sky Brown. “It is true that they are called extreme sports, but only for the adrenaline that they generate in us while we practice them and in those who watch us live or from home.” But behind every sport there is a great deal of training and exaggerated work, not just of athletes, but entire teams of professionals who study and control everything to reduce risks and avoid accidents. Michela continues:I suggest girls follow their instincts and throw themselves, but with the head. cautiously, but without hesitation for a moment.”.

in a Riders RepublicA You can shape the contestant, the player’s avatar, thanks to the evolutionary engine based on the results. Whether you want to be the best snowboarder in the world, or the fastest on two wheels, you need to make a name for yourself, climb the ranks of the best extreme athletes in Career Mode and sign up with top-rated sponsors, choosing from a variety of adrenaline sports and always different multiplayer modes. :

In extreme sports, aesthetics are as important as the soundtrack, as many athletes listen to music during competition. “At first, the first few years, I’d always listen to something. Of different kinds. Now, when I’m on the ice, I don’t listen to anything anymore. I quit, I want to focus fully. I only listen to music when I’m in the gymThe genre always changes according to the mood of the day. From the Beach Boys to Iron Maiden. I really like country music, but I listen to some Italian composers, except for some like Noemi or Fides.”

Lupine World Multiplayer D Republic of Riders opened its tracks On October 28You will be able to clash and meet with other players, in competitions using bikes, skates, snowboards, wing suits and rocket suits, on PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Stadia, Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games.

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