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Covid vaccine, exemption from certain diseases arrives.  Ministry of Health: "It is not prohibited to use it during pregnancy"

Covid vaccine, exemption from certain diseases arrives. Ministry of Health: “It is not prohibited to use it during pregnancy”

the vaccination Anti-SarsCoV2 ‘does not contraindicate its use during pregnancy’. The Ministry of Health puts it on paper with a leaflet dedicated to “Certificates of Exemption from Vaccination against Coronavirus.”

“If after the medical evaluation you choose to postpone the vaccination – read the publication – a certificate From Temporary exemption Vaccination, “the ministry specifies, stressing that”Breastfeeding is not a contraindications For vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 virus.

As for the exemption certificate, it can only be issued “in the event that the vaccination itself is omitted or postponed due to the presence of specific clinical cases documented, which violates it permanently or temporarily.” However, persons who obtain exemption from the administration “must be sufficiently familiar with the Need to continue to maintain prevention measures“Like using masks, social distancing, and avoiding gatherings.

For the green lane, the exemption can also be in paper or digital form but will have a single form Power Maximum September 30, 2021, except for other accessories. They will be issued by vaccinators of regional health services companies and organizations, general practitioners or pediatricians of choice free of charge to a patient working under the national SARS vaccination campaign. The certificate shall be issued free of charge, taking care that relevant clinical documents are archived, including digitally, through regional immunization information services in a manner determined by individual regions.

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