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Orchid without roots, quickly reborn: let's see how it does

Orchid without roots, quickly reborn: let’s see how it does

Orchid without roots: let’s find out right away how to quickly make it reborn. All useful tips for this practice

A white orchid without roots in a bowl of water – it can be reborn fantastically (Photo by Maja Cvetojević from Pixabay)

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It is now known that the lizard Represent One of the most beloved and cultivated plants. In most homes we can, in fact, without much difficultyFind at least one of these beautiful plants. However, the orchid is a very plant sensitive It needs special care. So it is necessary to cultivate it often attentioncare and lots of love. However, what few people know is that the lizard can do this born again Quickly even without roots. Are you wondering how to do it? Let’s find out right away. And the’ basic The result will surprise you.

Orchid: It can be revived quickly without roots

orchids with stones
Beautiful orchid in shades of light pink (Photo by Kristen Sponcia from Pixabay)

Orchids often turn weakenedas we said, these are very sensitive plants and breakable. Most of the time, the problem lies precisely in the roots. It is possible, however, to reinforce in this way effective Our orchids with some small movements. Let’s find out all at once it is necessary Do to make your orchid more beautiful and lush than ever.

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for the first time Before What to do is to remove all the damaged roots scissors. Next, we will need a vase with a good one Drainageat the bottom we will distribute a layer of GravelSuitable for filtering water in the dish. At this point, we will need a crucial and basic component: sand.

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go last Pay In our vase, then, with our own hands, we make a small piece Gap To arrange the roots of our orchids. Now we just have to Water Our wonderful factory, pays attention To drain excess water, by put it In a well ventilated and sunny place.

After a very short time you can already We see Grow your roots and in no time your orchid You will thrive again in a wonderful way. This is the right moment to be able to organ transplant Orchid flower in our preferred location. The plant must be watered before removing it from the pot and before that cleaning process Carefully rooted. After that, in a new vase of DrainageWe have the stones and we move the plant for it cover up with rooted stones. The last step, of course, is watering.

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The advice, as always, is to lend Special Pay attention to this practice. a Excessive, extremist, reckless Watering can damage the roots and cause them rot It causes our plant to die. It’s enough young Attention for great results!