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Controversy erupts over Montreal, Montanary sentence: "Bananas Republic"

Controversy erupts over Montreal, Montanary sentence: “Bananas Republic”

Siena, 1 January 2022 – A scathing joke from the rector of a university for foreigners Siena, Tomaso Montanari, Palms behind Sergio Mattarella In the video of the year-end speech he raised a fuss on social media and provoked the reaction of its spokesperson President of the Republic. “The spread of the palm in the portrait of the President. The return of the oppressed: The Republic of Bananas We … “, he wrote Twitter, Former leader of the Montanary, Freedom and Justice and former candidate of Luigi de Mayo who will be the Minister for 5 Stars.

The art historian’s attack has not gone unnoticed on social media. “Professor, a truly wonderful rector, certainly understands art, but only a little about botany,” Matterella’s spokesman pointed out. Giovanni Crosso, From his personal Twitter account. “The fruit of the palm tree is the pear, the tree that produces the banana is the banana …” Grosso corrected. The question and answer has caused controversy on social networks and many are standing in line to defend the guerrilla. However, there was no shortage of comments from those who shared Montanari’s post.

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“Art historian Tomaso Montanari is also spoken of on the last day of the year, but as is often the case he will be at the forefront of his social travels. And on Minister Francischini “, he writes in a note. Gabriel Toccafondi, Florentine Sub Italy Viva. “Montanari – he underscores – was also the head of the Kinori Ceramic Museum in Cஸ்டzo Fiorentino for two years. I ask what you think, “Tokafondi concludes.

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The unacceptable, racist and discriminatory behavior of the Rector of Siana Tomaso Montanary towards the states of the Southern Hemisphere. The urge to consider living where palm and banana trees grow is a sign of backwardness, hurting millions of African, South American and Asian citizens. The worst Western hegemony towards the rest of the world. As head of the West Africa section of the Interparliamentary Union, I express my solidarity with the infamous African republics attacked by Montanary. His racism does not represent the widespread sentiment of the Italians. ” Giovanpatista Fassolari, FdI Project Manager.

“Montanary is absolutely right, but the opposite is true of what he said. Anyway – says the former parliamentarian of Fi and the current chairman of Reformismo e Liberta. Fabricio Ciccitto – Montanary Communication Genius. Because, by saying incredible nonsense, he not only drew his attention, but also resorted to a systematic ploy to respond to him, even pushing the press office of the presidency. Perhaps the Banana Republic was built on this basis.