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Italy’s victories celebrated by VIPs on social networks

Last night, at Wembley Stadium, it was Euro 2020 final in which Italy e England Challenge each other for a title European Champion. The match, which ended in penalties, was witnessed Tricolor country victory And bring the long-awaited result. The whole country exploded with joy, celebrations and rallies that brought smiles back to all citizens.

Many VIPs Through social networks, they expressed their joy at the well-deserved result and joined the nation’s celebrations in their own way. Let’s find out all their reactions together.

Euro 2020: Italy’s victories and VIPs explode with joy

Chiara Ferragni and Videz at Euro 2020
Credits: Chiara Ferragni

After the resounding success of the Italian national team at Wembley Stadium, there is a lot more Show Characters e Italian entertainment They posted it on their social profiles to show the joy of this long-awaited and well-deserved victory. Among the main VIPs we definitely can’t mention Chiara Ferragni e videos which has I trusted the whole evening On their Instagram profiles through Stories.

The Italian entrepreneur posted several photos on her social page Before and after the matchaccompanied by his family. We found the above adorable photo of her with her husband and two kids Matching clothes Inspired by the Italian tricolor flag.

at this videoAlternatively, you can see Chiara, Fedez and some friends’ reaction to the blocked penalty Donnarumma, allowing the Azure Win the European Champions title. For a few seconds they did not understand what was happening, like everyone else.

It only took them a few more seconds to realize that we had just passed Europeans won. The astonishment on their faces is unbelievable.

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Among the other stars of Italian entertainment and leisure we also find Alessandro Borghese, a famous Italian chef and host, expressed his joy on Instagram through a Mail Which depicts him in ecstasy and smiling in front of his television.

Alessandro CattelanInstead, he posted two photos before and after the match, expressing his happiness with the Azzurri’s victory. In thePhoto after the matchTV presenter Thank you coach Mancini and the whole team.

Thanks guys! You did a great job, we all needed it!! @mrmancini10 And all your staff were amazing! I love you!

From cinema to music: Italy in a frenzy for Europeans

Credits: Stefano Accorsi

In the world of entertainment and music there are many personalities they have They covered their social profiles with pictures of joyAnd the satiate e Thank Against the team that last night, at Wembley, managed to defeat England in Euro 2020 final.

Stefano AccorsiThe famous Italian actor posted on his personal page on Instagram two pictures: the first depicts the word And the, it is approx Hear his joy to win the final. per second, which you can see above, Acorsi thanks the Italian national team.

Let’s move to the world of music and continue our world European fever With Gianni Morandi. Famous Italian singer and social media icon Smiling in front of the camera with the Italian flag in your hand while you can see it in the background Leonardo Bonucci Impressed and aroused by the achieved result.

Also Russian VascoTiziano Ferro, Laura Puccini and Gianna Nannini expressed their happiness at the European Championship final. The Italian rock singer posted a photo depicting the cheering of the Italian national team, writing: “Hello !! Great blues!! Great team…a great victory!! “.

Tiziano FerroInstead, post some Instagram stories where dance e sing At the end of the match, he wears the Italian national team shirt. However, in the background, it is possible to take a look at the Mancini team Cheers at Wembley.

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The kiss Me She posted various pictures on her Instagram account. The first, which stands out and makes us smile, depicts the singer wearing Italian national team shirt it’s a funny tricolor wig. Also, as a comment on her photos, the singer wrote:

My heart is exploding
Thanks to our national team!
You are wonderful!

finally Gianna Nannini happiest fan of Some Instagram Stories In which he thanked coach Mancini and She sings loudly in front of the TV.

For Italy 2021 it seems that Incredible year: distance Maniskens victory at Eurovision, the country managed to achieve another amazing result, which is European 2020. Happiness and smiles fill our country after the sweaty victory it deserved last night Wembley heart.

British stars and their messages to the national team

Credits: Adele

Like any self-respecting sport, there is a winner and a loser as well. Despite England losing on penalties, the English stars still express it Respect for the national team who managed to reach the final, get involved Till the end.

Singer Adele One of the celebrities who sent her message to England after losing the Euro 2020 final to Italy. Team Gareth Southgate He scored a goal at the beginning of the first half but after the extra time passed, Lost on penalties.

Despite the disappointment, some of the UK’s most recognizable faces have lent their voices Support the team. For example, Adele watched the final from the US and shared a picture of her with her England shirt after the match, writing: “You made us so proud! You brought our game home and brought us together.”

Also Liam Gallagher Send a private message of support to the 19-year-old Says. The player was a victim of racism – with his teammates Jadon Sancho e Marcus Rashford – After a penalty kick saved by Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma.

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the actor Orlando BloomInstead he wrote: England alert! You have a lot to be proud of, you are a team to beat, a team we love, support and respect.”. finally Tom Felton, best known for playing Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, shared a photo of himself in an England shirt, writing: “YeUgGHhh – Bravo – we made the English team more than proud.”

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