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Clogged Ears on a Plane: Why It Happens and How to Avoid It

Clogged Ears on a Plane: Why It Happens and How to Avoid It

Why do our ears close when we sit on the plane? Here is the scientific explanation and how to avoid it.

Certainly, traveling on a plane, even for several hours, is a great emotion, but at the same time… It can also cause minor physical problems that are not easy to get rid of.
Among the most common there is definitely Feeling of blockage in the ears during some stages of the flight: A fairly widespread phenomenon and not everyone knows the real reasons behind it.

Blocked ears on the plane: causes and treatment (

At some stages of flight, especially when it comes to take-off and landing, you may feel a strange sensation inside your ears.
Strong pressure on the eardrum not only causes minor discomfort, but also makes us hear muffled sounds as if there is a plug.
In addition, whistling may also occur inside the ear.

Causes and treatment of clogged ears on the plane: Here’s what you should do

The sensation of blocked ears actually has a scientific name It is called baurotrauma in terminology.
It can happen at any time, but it happens a lot on a plane Due to sudden change in pressure while ascending or descending in altitude.
Precisely for this reason, it is seen more frequently during the take-off and landing phases.

The passenger cabin in airplanes is characterized by air pressure due to its altitude of 4,500 meters above sea level there The pressure is very high compared to sea level.
The ear cannot immediately get used to this sudden change in pressure and the tympanic membrane tends to retract: for this very reason it is as if we have a plug inside the ear.

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Ear pain
How to treat ear pain on a plane (

Out Different ways to try to soothe or even prevent ear pain During the take-off and landing phases.
If the ear discomfort persists for a very long time, since it usually goes away after a few seconds, you can do this Buy some earplugs (Which are often also sold inside the airport or provided by some companies).

If you do not have earplugs available, you can also proceed in other ways: Yes Candy can be chewed, Swallow often or drink small sips of water Because this helps the ear to crackle.
Finally you can also a Try yawning Since this maneuver is also useful in resolving ear discomfort.