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"Climax", which areas will be submerged by frost - Libero Cottidiano

“Climax”, which areas will be submerged by frost – Libero Cottidiano

Monday, November 29th This will be a very special day from a meteorological point of view. According to the latest forecasts, The Name And can go up to the plains in such areas Milano, In the Piacenza area and in Lower Piedmont. This phenomenon is due to the descent of polar winds from the Rhne Valley, but also from the east, from what is known as the “Porta della Bora”.

Because of this Double cold attack Even large northern cities may experience better conditions for severe snowfall. However, as of Monday 29th, many things could still change, especially when it comes to snowfall and the predictions may not be accurate until a few hours before the event occurs. Italy is expected to be cold and chilly from Thursday, November 25: the fault of a hurricane landing from northern Europe and causing severe bad weather in the north, Tyrrhenian areas and major areas. Islands.

Snowfall is expected in the Alps, up to about 1,000 meters, and in the Apennines on Thursday, but at an altitude of not less than 1,600 meters. Bad weather will continue on Friday and will be unstable throughout the weekend, with scattered rain with moments of sunshine. We will come to Monday the 29th, which will be very difficult in terms of weather conditions.