Thursday, July 25, 2024

Clarissa Selassie ‘I Left My Boyfriend’ / Scoop at GF: ‘He Behaved Badly’


24 direct from big brother vip The scoop is not only from home but also from the studio. Alfonso Signorini announces a Lulu and Jessica Selassie In the casa to get the scoop from the studio because there’s their little sister by his side Clarissa. “I heard Clarissa dumped her boyfriend as soon as she left!” , The bandleader announces on-air, leaving Jessica and Lulu at a loss. The two girls ask why and then Clarissa is the one who explains what happened: “As soon as I got out I found out he wasn’t doing it well.”

At home, the two sisters encourage her “Poor we lost!”And Jessica Then increase the dose ‘I suspected there was something wrong with being an older sister’. Later, Jessica, chatting at home with Francesca Cipriani and Carmen Russo, continues “I’ve seen it all the time,” I told him.. Doubt, then, is treason. “Who knows how my mom took her! However, the situation was already complicated, especially for such a young girl.”Do you know Jessica back in the commercials?

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