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Robert Duvall e Gillian Anderson in un film con Christian Bale

Robert Duvall and Gillian Anderson in a movie with Christian Bale

The upcoming production of the movie was already announced a few months ago pale blue eye with the protagonist Christian Bell As a veteran detective, he investigates a series of murders that occurred in the 1830s at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Bell will portray as his assistant a young student with a keen eye for detail who would later become known throughout the world for his writing skills. Edgar Allan Poe.

Now a few months after it was announced, it has also been announced that important actors known as the Oscar winner will be on the film crew. Robert Duval And a two-time Emmy winner Gillian Anderson. Not only this: there will be too Charlotte Macsburg Emmy and Golden Globe nominees Toby Jones.

The movie is produced by NetflixIt is a movie based on the crime novel of the same name Louis Bayard The manager will Scott Cooper, that Bill has already had the opportunity to work with fire of revenge NS hostiles. Cooper, who also wrote the script, has been trying to make this modification for nearly a decade.

Cooper talks about the movie a few months ago in an interview with final date He had commented:

“Although Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston and died, fictitious, in Baltimore, he spent most of his life in Virginia, my home. So I grew up with him. We inherited his legacy. The detective type, and he is still present in our culture. Every horror writer Mystery and science fiction owe to Poe. And this is my attempt to make a full-scale crime movie with a serial killer at the center of the story.”