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Resurrection Matrix and jump into the void

Resurrection Matrix and jump into the void

As we have already seen, Entertainment Weekly He dedicated his last cover to Resurrection MatrixLana Wachowski’s movie hits US cinemas and streams simultaneously on HBO Max, on December 22 and January 1, 2022 in Italy.

Incidentally, the newspaper exchanged a conversation with two heroes who talked about returning to a world matrix.

Carry Anne Moss described the relationship with Keanu Reeves as special and then spoke about the amazing script that brought them back into the privileged atmosphere, albeit with a few changes.

Lana Wachowski, who preferred answering magazine questions via email rather than logging in for an actual interview, talked about the technology:

It’s a paradox, but technology has brought us closer and further away at the same time. The power of technology to trap or limit our subjective reality has been a central theme of the new Resurrection Matrix.

The director pointed out some of the sequences we’ve already seen in the trailers:

Art is a mirror. Many prefer looking at it on the surface, but there are people like me who appreciate everything beyond that. I made this movie for them.

Reeves admitted he was surprised by the humor featured in the film, even if it didn’t mean Neo would crack one joke after another:

The movie is very bright, smart, suspenseful, great entertainment and fun.

During the filming of the movie, some photos from filming an action-packed scene, later featured in the trailer, surfaced online: New and Trinity, surrounded by helicopters, lift off from a skyscraper in San Francisco. As recounted by stunt coordinator Scott Rogers, Lana saw this scene as a metaphor for the entire movie:

For her, for Warner Bros., for the cast and for everyone, it was about a leap in the dark, an act of faith.

Moss admitted that she had to overcome “many hurdles” before filming the scene, and had to talk to her husband to talk about it:

He said, “Do you really want this?” I told him: Yes, of course. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I will.”

If you’re up there, you can’t call it a stuntReeves joked, hinting that professionals film the most dangerous series:But Scott made sure we shot a piece of him, and we didMoss wanted to specify that his physical abilities are different from those of 20 years ago:I had to accept that time passed and my body had to deal with three parts, but I loved the hardships“.

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The film will be shown in theaters on December 22 2021 In the United States since then January 1, 2022 in Italy.