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Church, Cardinal George Bell dies

George Bell, the conservative cardinal and former Vatican finance chief, has died at the age of 81. The archbishop was at the center of a sensational judicial case in Australia where he was convicted and acquitted of pedophilia charges.

The pedophilia scandal

He left Italy in 2017 to defend himself against the charges. Sentenced He was also imprisoned for more than 400 days. He was finally acquitted by the Supreme Court and acquitted of molesting two 13-year-old altar boys in a holy hall decades ago.

He was sentenced to six years in prison by the District Court of Victoria in 2018. The appeal was rejected, the conviction upheld and the prison doors opened to him. However, in April 2020, the The Supreme Court of Australia unanimously upheld the acquittal “on reasonable suspicion” and immediate release.

Suspicion was there during the investigation Some cash transfers – A$2.3 billion (over €1.4 billion) from Vatican City to Australia, in more than 400,000 transactions – linked to criminal activity. But Canberra Police did nothing wrong.

Who is George Bell?

Bell was a part C9The Council of Nine Cardinals It helps the Pope to govern and reform the Church. The Australian cardinal holds the keys to church finances in his hands as director of the Vatican’s economic secretariat. Bergoglio In 2014, he tried to take over all management of the internal accounts of all Vatican councils, making many enemies in the Curia. It was to make him a cardinal John Paul II In 2003 when he was archbishop Melbourne. Francesco wanted him by his side, despite the accusations, because he recognized him as having great fighting skills. Besides the Secretariat of the Roman Curia, he opened the doors of the Council of Cardinals.

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