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In a few days there will be a transport strike from 2023

In a few days there will be a transport strike from 2023

The first is scheduled for Friday, January 13 strike Traffic in the Milan area of ​​2023. Movibus and Stie stop workers. The date and times of the protest were published on the portal dedicated to the strikes of the Ministry of Transport.

On the one hand, the employees of Movibus (of San Vittore Olona) threaten to cross their arms from 4 pm to 8 pm due to the strike announced by the brief strike USB private work. At San Vittore Olona, ​​there would be a garrison in front of the company headquarters. The unionists, according to a memo, are asking for “specific bus allowance, cancellation of third shift, establishment of 10-hour shift, final balance of work average.” “Our claims are linked to the need to properly adjust living time and working time, which avoids resumptions that force working hours over 10 hours a day and erode wages through commuting, preventing us from leading a regular and peaceful private life and – concludes the USB press release – driving an open vehicle. Allowance of salary related to additional qualification such as”.

On the other hand, Stie staff handling the urban links in Legnano and Roe and the extra-urban ones towards the province of Varese could stop for 4 hours “on various routes” for a strike called by Filt. Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uilt Uil, Faisa Cisal and Ugl Fna have been asking for a better deal for some time.

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