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Christmas is almost here: here are 3 ideas to light up the house with string lights

Christmas is almost here: here are 3 ideas to light up the house with string lights

Christmas lights are an element of celebration but also an element of decoration. Here are 3 very beautiful ideas to use at home in a creative way.

Not just for the Christmas tree: Strings of lights That decorate and embellish the typical Christmas symbol can also have other uses. Until a few years ago, they were intended exclusively for this purpose, but for some time Christmas lights remained in the house all year round and They illuminate and decorate various things.

The magic of Christmas lights is indisputable. Without it, the Christmas atmosphere seems dull and less festive. We are now accustomed to seeing them everywhere and in large quantities. They bring joy and manage to create in a magical and enchanting way.

Small lights Small or large, simple or covered with small shapes, with warm or cold lightEveryone and all ages really love them. Precisely for this reason, there are more and more Freed from purely Christmas usage After the holiday period, they remain at work, but to focus on something else.

Generally They are LED and use very littleThis is also why they are used without thinking about the negligible cost of energy consumption. Many string lights are battery powered, others connect to electricity via a simple USB port From a cell phone charger.

Let’s discover some ideas to use outside the scope of Christmas decorations, but to beautify the home and give a wonderful, cozy and attractive touch to different environments.

3 ideas for using string lights at Christmas

Definitely the number one way to use string lights, whether during Christmas or the rest of the year To decorate umbrellas. In this case it is necessary to use chains Fairy lights suitable for outdoorthose commonly used for garden Christmas trees.

3 ideas for using Christmas lights

Fill the jar with a string of Christmas lights (

They resist attacks from the elements and can form a bright wall placed on a window. But in case you want to use those Indoors, it can also be applied to balcony and window curtains For a luminous effect that can be seen from within. They are fastened with needle and thread They perform the function of a lamp and create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

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Another very cute idea is to use fairy lights To fill jars Thus forming a kind of illuminated lantern. In this case they adapt The best are battery-operated lights So that it is possible to move the jar and not necessarily connect it to an electrical outlet.

The third idea is that Decorating flower bouquets Right with the lights on. The method is very simple: you can Get inside the corolla. Always used battery operated ones, Place the chain base directly under the flower stand so that it is hidden and place it so that it is not visible and at the same time the switch can be turned to turn it on or off.

Then, if they are the ones with a thin metal wire, they can be easily bent to insert the lights well only when needed. When it is turned on The effect is absolutely magical.

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