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Celebrating the New Year in space has become one of the most difficult challenges of all

Celebrating the New Year in space has become one of the most difficult challenges of all

A record number of Earthlings gathered in space to celebrate the New Year

The Russian Space Agency said the celebration of the New Year 2022 has become the largest ever in orbit, with 10 cosmonauts and cosmonauts attending two stations.

Ten Earthmen celebrated New Year’s Eve 2022 in near-Earth orbit: seven on the International Space Station and three on the Chinese space station Tiangong. This new year was the busiest in orbit in the history of manned space explorationRoscosmos said in a press release.

Roscosmos astronaut and ISS-66 mission commander Anton Shkaplerov, who celebrated four new years in space during his career, shared some details about “party, partyIt will be held on the International Space Station (ISS) before launch, he said, and there will be black caviar and mandarin in addition to the traditional Russian New Year’s herring, known as “herring under the fur.”

Shkaplerov and colleague Peter Dubrov even showed the process of making the dish in an Instagram video.

Like many people who live far from their home countries, space explorers raised their cups (of apple juice) several times to roast them at the beginning of 2022. First, at midnight Moscow time, then in the German New Year of ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer, and then in the middle of Night GMT – the time zone of the International Space Station, and finally at midnight Washington DC time, for NASA astronauts.

The coming of the New Year has been regularly celebrated in space since 1986, when the Soviet space station Mir was launched.

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